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By AndreeWallin
Dear deviants,

As you may have noticed I'm no longer very active on this page. This is probably why you've been feeling a little down lately, maybe even depressed? If so, here's my suggestion - you immediately follow me on this so called social media. Try the ones below

You should start feeling better momentarily.

Also, I hope you've had a chance to check out Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I spent may months working on this beast, so check out any of the channels above for upcoming concept art such as the one below

Also, there will be more updates on my personal projects coming up, State Zero etc. Yes, yes, calm down, I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is. So there you go, there's my little new years message. Merry new year and much love from the cold north

Yours truly,
© 2015 - 2021 AndreeWallin
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2017 and nothing is happening z Z z Z
Thanks for the update, your work is amazing!
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thank you sir for this information..I'm already following you in those social media...many congratulation for your star wars works and success..really love this movie and your works and all the very best for your future project :) Happy new year to you and your family 
MrBlackCap's avatar
Thanks for the heads up. Followed on Instagram.
Vetrova's avatar
I feel better now, yep.
thank you
raynetempura's avatar
Awesooooome! Good to hear from you. I'll look for you in those other places!!
Taraakian's avatar
Loved The Force Awakens. It's funny, I thought some of the art style looked familiar. Now I know why. Congrats, huge career moment.
jmardesigns's avatar
i'm curious though why you would use this site less which lets you put high res files of your work over social media accounts.
AndreeWallin's avatar
I want to save the highres material for my website for various reasons. Social media reaches a lot of people, but more importantly is easier to maintain. Sadly I don't have any time for personal art as I once did and I feel deviantart should be more focused on that, as opposed to client work.
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2. personally, i'd love to see a continuation for state zero.
any news about that?

i'll add you on each channel.
AndreeWallin's avatar
1. Thanks
2. I'm glad to hear that. Yes, there will be more State Zero, I just can't tell you exactly how and when. Rest assured I'm working on it, there's lots more to see and explore.
OmriKoresh's avatar
i'm waiting!
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You should look into tumblr.  The art community is pretty bustling there.
bibanan's avatar
Got a tumblr?
AndreeWallin's avatar
At the risk of sounding ancient - I have no idea what tumblr is. 
bibanan's avatar
To be honest that maybe a good thing xD (Tumblr can get overwhelming sometimes)
But thats okay, I'll follow on twitter or facebook. Usually anything art that I follow is either on pinterest or tumblr
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