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Wasteland 2 | Scorpitron 2.0

As some of you may already know, one of my current projects is Wasteland 2, a fan-funded sequel to a classic 80's rpg. For $15 you can pre-order the game and help fund it at the same time. [link]

Having tons of fun on this project so far!

And like always, thanks sooo much for all the positive and encouraging comments, I will try to update my portfolio here more often!

EDIT: I'm STILL working on Oblivion btw, going on 3 years now. Just be prepared for a m-a-s-s-i-v-e update sometime next year :) The movie will be out in April, 2013.
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who need poison when you have 3 m134 as wapons even if it does not penetrate the armour eventualy it will melt it under the fire.
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One of my favorites on Deviant...Great!
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the box of the game was printed in France, I know it, I worked in the factory that made it^^
dude, I've seen this drawing thousands times when I worked there.
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There is not enough YES in the world for this epic awesomeness.
TaGFiR's avatar
Even I would not be able to find a better description for the masterpiece. Well said..... I mean you said... not this case........
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On the frontpage of Steam today !
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This is way cool. Love it
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this is the most awesome thing i have EVER seen...

I bow to thee! :squee: 
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amazing, dude! :wow:
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I like scorpitron :)
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Dude, AWESOME! This is amazing!
Brothermonk's avatar…
Scorpion tails and Cyborg blues...
prophets of doom, they spread bad news!!!
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MiracleofSound for the win!!!
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AWESOME work, I love the detail. It literally looks like a movie poster, where did you get the idea for this?!
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Just awesome !!! All in this picture is beautiful, very very nice job ;-)
I can't figure out meeting this monster in a video game, it would be very brutal... T^T
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Credit where its due for the scorpion idea?

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Oh lol. I've been following you for a few years, thanks to your marvelous arts.
And now I back Torment on kickstarter and get a feed with your arts. I say wow and go right here to find that you are also working on Wasteland 2. How can this be? It's really awesome. Good luck on both of the projects, I hope all the people working on them are as talented as you, because these games are two things I'm really witing for! :)
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I would totally fund it! However, I'm saving up money for college at the moment. If I have spare money, I'll be sure to support your cause.:)
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this looks awesome very ghost in the shell, i love it
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just saw the new gameplay trailer for this. looking really sweet :)
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