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The waterfall

3h speedie, not any of the requests though. I'll wait another day before I do that one :) cheers!
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nice landscape
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amazing detail and depth
erogenesisCGI's avatar
you have a beautiful mind dude
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I have used your beautiful picture here:…

If you don't want your image published on youtube, let me know, beacuse even if it would be a pity, a would delete it , to make a new edition.

Best wishes
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beautiful, i think the same of all your arts
Gekkeren's avatar
Could it be more amazing? *г*
So awesome! Love it! <3
xbenfr's avatar
I would like to have your permission to use some of your drawings as illustrations for non-commercial work of which I am the author please.
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Stunning! Great lights!
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I absolutely love this piece! It has been featured here: [link]
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I think this is a magnificent picture. The landscape is beautiful and it looks so real, because of the many details.
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amazing! it's really breathtaking and stunning
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I wish I could paint like this!
Sh000rty's avatar
What program do you use to for your amazing paintings?
highestcrown's avatar
It reminds me of a painting by C.D. Friedrich, one of my favorite artists ;)
WaterLilyPad's avatar
Wow! Was this photo-manipulation or did you draw it from scratch?

Either way, this is amazing >.<
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This is amazing, and the fact that it was done in only three hours increases its value even more. :)
Zerand9199's avatar
That's really beautiful. What program did you use?
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