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The Farmbot

In the absence of personal stuff, here's a concept robot for a project here at Realtime Studios. Just wait til you see this guy in action!

As soon as things calm down I'll get started on some personal stuff again. It's been too long now..
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quaintboy's avatar
Like blitzcrank oO .D
Heretic1311's avatar
I hate farmbots, they ruined every MMORPG i ever played.
At least, this one loks cool.
naked2hobby's avatar
I really like this robot. Wow
Cane-force's avatar
I like it sooo much!  Amazing piece of art! =)
Sorta looks like Blitzcrank off LOL. Just without the fists
kenob2050's avatar
the color scheme and background elements reminds me of Wall-e the pixar movie, very nice.
whousthat's avatar
That's a really coll bot!
DarthRoden's avatar
Don't fuck with WALL-E or his older brother will kick your can! LOL!
OrangeCapsule's avatar
wow, thats great. Nice work.
kadifecraft's avatar
its really awesome work!!!
thiagomarcondes's avatar
nice job the background is perfect fit
FOKUSNICK's avatar
great performance of the work =) I love these things himself to paint [link]
Vylin's avatar
HOW... HOW DO YOU DO THAT???!! :jawdrop:
siulziradnemra's avatar
It's really great!!!!!!!!!
Windskin92's avatar
this is so great!
Cutter9792's avatar
WALL-E 2.... Cheesy Subtitle.
mehdiravan's avatar
that's really cool :D
Xmaster117's avatar
There's something about this picture that makes you say "wow"
danciestjackson's avatar
makes me think of dog from half life mixed with Wal-e
thenameismud's avatar
Wall-e on steroids
kevatron400's avatar
The lighting and colour on this is perfect, I love it!
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