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Stockholm 2100 A.D

I was a little rusty when I did my previous matte so I decided to do another one, kinda stole the idea of people living in mountains from Dylan Cole.. in the same fashion I've stolen most of my ideas from him.. but nevermind that! Anyway, maybe this is how Stockholm could look in a postapocalyptic world.

Did it today, maybe 7-8 hours or so.

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Ayn Rand says in Atlas Shrugged that the correct response to have when someone is waaaaaay better than you is to be inspired to improve, instead of just being stunned into jealousy.

Your work always makes this dfficult for me. ;) Your grasp of color, composition, lighting, and mood are among the best I've seen. So good!
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likt stockholm =)
Sure looks like Stockholm
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Can you make a video in which you paint something detailed like this? I would love to see your procedure.
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wtf did u paint this?! if yes how?! in 7-8 hrs, u must me super human
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Vad trevligt allt verkar vara C:
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Your works are unbelievable... :jarkinajar:
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YES! Äntligen inga fler Stockholmare!
//En Värmlänning
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Imagine if Stockholm actually looked like this in 2100!! It would be awesome :D
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Featured your work here: [link]
I adore the depth of this, it's just stunning!
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beautiful colors, I love it !
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Love photo!!
... makes sense, dylan cole is a strong inspiration.
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Yeah, like someone else said, the connection to Stockholm (place or syndrome) is lost on me, but it looks sweet - even if it reminds me of Stars Wars III and Total Recall a little too much...
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well I dont get how this actually is connected to stockholm, but it looks good
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Well hell, I wonder what happened there. Even lava flows? I have to say one thing. You've brought mastery to artwork.
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Your work blows me away every time I view it D:
Urrrgh.....Makes me realize how crappy my skills are, lol...One day I'll be as good as you. One day. xDD
This is beyond good. Keep it up!
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