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Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Millennium Falcon

This was the original idea for the Millennium Falcon reveal in 'Force Awakens', i.e. tarps coming off during a sand storm. You can find more Star Wars art on: and

Much love//A
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Why does everyone (besides Luke and Rey) call this ship “a piece of junk”?
Because it is. It looks like that so it would draw less suspicion to the empire and/or first order.
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Beautiful 3d, and the painted characters on the left look very nice. I especially love the pieces of cloth on the spaceship! CURSE YOU! 
I love the universes you create!
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The effect is very interesting, excellent illustration
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absolutly splendid!!! 
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That moment when the Falcon came into view...I wasn't the only one in the audience cheering and clapping.
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WOW Amazing Andree Wallin!!!!!! :D
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Damn, this is so good, breathtaking view.. :O :D
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I envy you sire!
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Really inspirational art! Congratulations for capture the truly spirit of Star Wars!
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Nice!  Hated the movie though... :( 
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"The garbage'll do" - Rey
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That part of the movie was great.
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I forgot how much I missed the Falcon until they took it for a spin. 
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"Garbage will do!"

fun scene
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Did you use a 3D model program for the base structure? It's so perfect!
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