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A bit longer, ~3,5h. Some robot on standby for a loong time. :) enjoy!

EDIT: Added the actual standby button hehe..
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I love paintings or drawings of abandoned robots that have been overgrown by plants it has that organic and natural feel to it for me
This is a concept worth a novel! Great!
This should be an actual movie.:D (Big Grin) 
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...Why does this remind me of Liberty Prime?
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Great art! Thanks!
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thanks to you i'm writing a story, hope it will be as good as this ;)
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Makes me think of Asimov's "Robbie"
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It's beautiful.
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Interesting. I like the idea of a giant abandon machine that seems to hint of a story of another time. 
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i was thinking this was an old Jaeger
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I love the textures and detailing that you put into the character. I also really like how you were able to tell a story through the characters. 
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Impressive job! Looking great.
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Fantastic artwork i am impresst.
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And the new orders (from the girl) are...

Great pic. To me, it looks like the Mankind (or some other dominated kind?) left the planet (or died?) and Mankind evolutioned once again. So this robot had wait for entire eras. Wow!
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Great job! Love the details.
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Love the composition :) great texturing :) 
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Beautiful! <3
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Beautiful job, I love how detailed you get!! It's really amazing
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Aww the lonely robot finally made a friend.
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Great! Reminds me of the caste in the sky
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