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Speedpaint duo no.4

That's it... time for a break....
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awesome work mr wallin
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What can I say? Excellent work! These sharp-blades black lines drive me crazy, have no idea how to create them)
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The Top pic is Awesome.
I like the angle and perspective of it.
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Howdy there, hey i was wondering if you could tell me about those building designs, how do you make them, do you make your own building pattern brush or do you sketch and use 3D ??
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Its cheats!!! imba.
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How long does it take you to paint these? That cityscape is breath taking! Simply magic.
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The window details in the cityscene are badass
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the arch with the upside-down city reminds me of one of the levels in star wars force unleashed 2 [link] but yours looks a lot better ^^
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Gorgeous portfolio! How do you do it? :kitty:
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amazingg detail...straight to my inspirations folder
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This is absolutely amazing! All the buildings and fffff.... BLOWN AWAAAY. O8
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very cool robot aswell
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how long did it take you to do the cityscape? I'm trying to do some futuristic citys myself and I'd love to see a tutorial or something if you can, or know of one.
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@_@ your speedpaints hurt my brain... how can you do that as a speed paint? How can you do that at all!? omg, i suck so bad at buildings etc ,and here you are doing them for artistic excersize... :B got any tutorials? your work inspires me to want to to it better :D :love: please share some of your awesomeness with us little people :giggle:
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Awesome. Ever thought about making a book with all those Blade Runner'esque scenes?
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This work is really wonderful! :)
keep it up
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