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Robots Inc.

Alright I give up, I don't have the strength to work on it anymore! There are some errors in the composition but I wasn't going for the perfect comp, I was going for action and mayhem and I hope I managed to deliver that.

I might update it with more stuff later.


EDIT: Yes, there's a lot of over painted/integrated photos in this one!

EDIT 2: No I didn't use any 3D program
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Killer compositions!

Loved it!
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You have done incredible work here. Very active and moving picture.
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Looks like someone's getting in touch with their inner Bayham :D 
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This is probably my favorite piece on this entire site. Never stop, man.
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You're kidding right? No 3D rendering???
God, that's epic
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Me gusto la forma en que se ve borroso en algunas partes y le da realismo y movimiento
I liked the way it is blurry in some parts and gives realism and movement
Castlebayne's avatar
Looks great!

I know exactly how you feel though.
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Holy crap. Now isn't that something out of a SciFi Action thriller if you ever saw one. :thumbsup:!!

When I even saw that logo on the walker's leg, I immediately said "Go Army" in my head. lol
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SERIOULSY!? how the fuck do you do that? I've never seen anything like it before. Can we see a step-by-step or something? Just to make sure you are really from this planet.. thanks!
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Wow, no 3D program? O_O
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This piece is awesome. As in, it fills me with awe. I can't believe how much motion you managed to fit into a static image. Definitely one of my favorites ever.
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love the rendering and balance. well-done on an eyecatcher!
exelente dibujo . saludos
O19998's avatar
oh my @#$#^%! god
kayechup's avatar
love the stash.
Sabamenides's avatar
That's quite the serious face, even for a warbot.
smartyboyKJ-52's avatar
Dude that pic i s cool
arcanik's avatar
wow, what program did you use?
kate-zombie's avatar
This picture is amazing.It's awesome.There's nothing wrong with it.
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