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I had time to make one more before client work kicked in, so happy! It's so much fun to do some personal stuff once in a while, especially when getting so much positive feedback from you guys. It makes it 10 times as funny!! I'm really glad you liked my D9 tribute!

Prolly spent around 4-5 hours on it, photoshop cs3. This guy has been playing some grab ass with his robot buddies at the office.
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Kinda reminds me to Alien2 ^^
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Nicely done.
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hunterandspyroHobbyist Artist
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KaiserlicheHobbyist General Artist
\             /    ___    \               /
 \    /\    /    /      \   \     /\     /
  \  /  \  /    |        |   \   /  \   /
   \/    \/      \___/      \/     \/
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Nice design, well illustrated.
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commanderjonasHobbyist Digital Artist
I want a 3D model right now!!!!!
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Nice Office bot, but can it do word processing?
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this is cool, great work
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pretty amazing !
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TimelyClassicStudiosHobbyist General Artist
my mind has been blown
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MatoMiArteStudent General Artist
reminded me of portal jajaja
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Looking Great! This one really got to me I love the mobile defense drone units, very much like the Green and how little you used it.
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flankersHobbyist Digital Artist
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that office hallway reminds me soo much of portal 2, that's a good thing
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Definitely looks like a hostile environment, there is a good chance of dying from lead poisoning here.

Looks great.
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whyteboxer Filmographer
I need this in my office some days!
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4-5 hours!! i've just started digital painting. if u have some time, please help me abit. you've got amazing works :) thanks.
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BieSjd11Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think.....No, but.......You're........COOOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!!
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Woooow. Kinda reminds me of a scene from Hitchhiker's Guide where a big bad robot trashes up an office building with, what is it, a sonic battering ram? Can't remember, but it is hilarious :-)

Incredibly well done!
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Farc0nHobbyist Digital Artist
This is so awesome!
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preachHobbyist Photographer
Love the lighting in this one.. All your images are amazing!
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wow this reminds me of halo...hmmm....piggy back ride
Me;bwahahaha rule the world
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ghostofillusionHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing work as always. Love your digital paintings :D
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