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Mountain serenity

Hey guys, thank you for all the birthday wishes :) Just to clarify - it's not my real bday, just my 3 year anniversary here on dA. (Seems like it was just yesterday I joined here... scary")

Anyway, here's a painting I did today, it was supposed to be a speedpaint but I ended up spending around 8-9 hours on it or so. Once again, sorry for not being able to respond to everyone, but you all know how much I appreciate your comments/notes! <3
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Holy smokes this is beautiful.

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can I use some of your backgrounds in a non profit movie I'm making with friends ?
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This is the kind of place I want to live in. Everything about this piece is just perfect, I'm at a loss of words.
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Beautiful!  Love the lighting and the color choice.
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Not really sure if you still get on DA here but, I really enjoy this piece and the many things it could be used for, I was wondering if it was okay if I use it in a website template and what the terms of use are? The website template will not be sold, It will be used by me, I'm creating a GFX community that will possibly be selling templates/logos on. Thanks for your time!
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so very pointe much like
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Its sad that scenery like this scarcely (if at all) even exists.
Artists like ourselves are able to take the scenery that DOES exist, make it bigger, more majestic, add a few more details, and turn something mediocre into a place we wouldn't mind going to when we die.
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hello sir , i am glad to see your painting . it is really good to see it . i am planing to make a 3d model of your painting so can you provide me the sketch of your painting to get much more detail of it , if you . my mail id is . thank you .......
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I love what you do with color, lighting and texture. You give everything a soft, tangible feel. I feel like if I took a step forward I would be "inside" your painting.
Great job and beautiful work!
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Your works are marvellous. I don't have words.
The Japanese architecture and natural environment feel so tranquil in this piece. What a beauty.
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Love it!!!!!
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It feels incredibly detailed at first glance. Awsome
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just gorgeous!
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beautiful work!
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I am glad to read that you need as much time to create this wonderful painting as I am to stare at it being overwhelmed by such beauty.
Still: if eight to nine hours is all you need to make such a splendid work; that's really fast, man! To many artists that is a speed paint...
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