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Metropolis Pt.2

I just had so much fun painting the first one that I had to make another concept on the same theme.. I can't find the link for the plate on my laptop but I'll add it later. Have a nice weekend everybody

Plate: [link]
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This reminds me so much of the Metropolis that I created in my Fanfiction The Tear
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Anyone else think of Dream Theater when they read Metropolis Pt. 2??? :P
But anyway, fantastic work Andree, I wish I could create something like this lol.
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Really awesome work. would you mind if I feature this artwork in a doc I'm making on time. It's for Uni. I'll credit you of course.
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wooooooooooooow HOOOW TELL ME HOW ?????!!!!!!!!WGEJIOJGE0J0 a tutorial please !
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I see what you did thar....
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amazzzzing, so impressed. biggups!
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Will be featured @ You can also feature other peaces of your work into our website for free. Learn more about it by visiting our Design Blog :). Cheers
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"The city's cold blood teach us how to survive."
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Freaking Awsome.
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Hey, great job, but I couldent help but wonder if that is a reference to the Dream Theater album "Metropolis Pt.2: Scenes From a Memory"?
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love those ones, very very massive
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Fantastic image! Just Great!
So high detailed! :-)
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Great work you have here.
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Outrageous man! LOL!!!
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Stop using timemachines to sneak into the future and photograph it. Pretty sure there's some national law against that.

But no, this is great. Never got lazy, it look like. The lighting and fade the atmosphere adds over the buildings is crazy.
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Oh! Haha! I can recall this landscape!! From the Tokyo Tower! Yeah I remember, particually the interesting looking shrine thing on the right.
Amazing how you can incorporate your drawings into a photo and make it seem so..hmm, convincing? :slow:
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I went through you stuff, and this one is my favorite. I think its the fact that it looks photorealistic, more so than your other work :).
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That's incredible.
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