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July 25, 2009
Lusitania by *AndreeWallin:
That's what the suggester said: Amazing! Simply Amazing. The light, the contrast, the colors and the depth - they are just perfect. The ship looks like a 3D render and I must obey at his painting skill about that. The clouds of the planet are very well painted. Overall great picture from a great artist. Go and check the rest of his gallery - you wont regret it!
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I'm reading Xenocide :) Orson Scott Card, what a genius.. had to make this little tribute speedie, hopefully I'll make some more as I continue reading the Ender series..
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just finished 'Speaker for the dead', out of the blue stumbled upon your art here... weird
John-Peter's avatar
Amazing artwork!!
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This is a really beautiful scene, I am very glad to have stumbled over this while looking for images of the R.M.S. Lusitania :-) I haven't read the series you mention, but now that you have my curiosity up, I will have to check it out!
Jinxletandcake's avatar
You have no idea how happy I am to see this :'D
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There are no words for this.
Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow... This is the magic I find in Ender's Game. I always imagine beautiful landscapes and wonderous stars whenever they're travelling in space, amidst all the worrying and killing and loving
danarogon's avatar
yay i am a real Lusitanian ^-^
Elepan's avatar
My heart stops. sometimes I imagined the planet would look a bit like the west side of puerto rico
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Lusitania was the roman name for my country:Portugal. Cool name, tought. Nice work ;)
Damn this is awesome, you are a true inspiration dude you are like my favorite sci-fi artist by far although im not much of a art critic
XenocideAgain's avatar
when i did 4 xenocide i dint excpect this lol i agree wit u xenocide is an awsome book i need 2 get started on the next 1
isnt bad luck for the nemed after a sunken ship ?
it is!!! but never mind great piece jejejeje
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Absolutely Amazing! Simply Magnificent!

Also, is your name a play on 'Andrew Wiggin'?
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I started reading xenocide but stopped. This makes me want to finish it!
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Thanks everyone, I felt obligated to move it back to the gallery after the DD. :)
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This is incredibly realistic! Ooh, and the Ender series is awesome! :D
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i have hit heaven im so glad people told me of this site
Peppermint--Twist's avatar
I had a kite named that once. It still flies very high.
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Thanks for the Ender reference.

This is the best "scraps" I've ever seen, heh.
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