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Jungle outpost

Just when I think I won't be able to paint personal stuff for a while things calm down at work. Lucky me!

Inspired by Dylan Cole and Halo.

Btw, read the MCV magazine at work today and saw an old ad for Mirrors Edge. I just have to say that it was an amazing piece of art. Both the girls face and a first person view looking down some skyscrapers were painted by hand and my jaw fuckin hit the floor. Stunning stunning work. You might even say it was legen - wait for it............... waaaaaiiiit for it....... - dary! Yes, legendary.
Good work mr concept artist at Dice I premuse.

Oh and a few music recommendations. Nothing heavy this time, this is something I recommend everyone to check out:
Lunatic Soul - Lunatic Soul

Such an emotional album. I've been playing this every day for two weeks now and still not tired of it!

And if you're into progressive rock from Sweden:
Karmakanic - Who's the boss in the factory

btw, I get so many mails with questions about my art and tutorials.. Sorry guys but I just can't answer them all :( But I promise I'll make you a video/tutorial soon!

Okay, time for bed.. nn!
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Reminds me a lot of banners from Titanfall 2. Has that very same unique paint style it uses in a lot of them and is mystical in the same way.

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This looks awesome! :D
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This is really good. I'm doing a jungle scenery with a bit of architectural structure thrown in there, and I'm using this as part of my reference material.
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Beautiful work. Like it and your works.
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Nice, really like the lightning in this one! And Lunatic Soul is one damn good album/project, I hope you've heard the newest release :D
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hmmm.. i can smell the fresh air in this painting.. 
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I like this! The building looks very Forerunner in design. Clean, angular, and nestled in perfectly among nature!
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Its so pretty there!
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now this kind of jungle I would live in.
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This SCREAMED Halo, set in the Jungles of Kenya. You were spot on. LOVE the building design and the natural scenery is gorgeous!
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So cinematic! love the cut of the scene.
crownvetchponylover9's avatar
Breathtaking... I like it!
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The level of detail in this is impressive, I especially like the birds in the distance; very nice little detail.
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Someday, I want to live there. I will let you know if I ever make that happen. (yes I realize it's not real, but it doesn't have to remain unreal)
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sorry i didn't ask persion to use your piece. but don't worry, you're credited.
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Andrew, you've just been hired for Jurassic Park 15's art team.
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May I use this as background for a website part of a school project? I will give credit
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I searched the word "outpost," on deviantart And i think this is one of the best I've seen.

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what can i say? just perfect
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:ahoy: This has been featured in my journal, found here: [link] :ahoy:
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Big fan of Dylan Cole too.
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