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Some stupid illustration I started on yesterday and finished today.. inspired by both Marek and Adonihs, tho I'm a couple of light years behind those guys when it comes to characters. :)
Anyways, going back home to schweden tomorrow to charge my batteries for a week. Be back with more concepts soon, so stay tuned folks!

edit: Oh and the title came from one of the characters in the last book of the Ender quartet, eventhough it has nothing to do with the story. I'm fucking sad that epic tale is over btw... :(
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nice, keep up the great work
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it's not stupid... i love it! i love the detail man, keep up the amazing work brah!!!
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I haven't logged into DeviantArt in years; this piece brought me back in. Amazing.
jane is badasssssss!!!
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wow I love this A HUGE fan of Shadowrun and love it ty for sharing your hard work.
It's not over! Shadows in Flight continues where Shadow of the Giant ends. Plus two more books in the works! Yay! Great artwork by the way!
It's not over! OSC is still writing in this verse. Shadows in Flight is the sequel to Shadow of the Giant and there are two more books in the works.
I've seen this picture all over the web, I'm amazed I found the actual artist for it! You're amazing sir !
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Dood. Intense. I love her hair.
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Wow, another awesome piece! I love the movement of the tubes coming toward the viewer!
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you aren't lightyears behind anyone. Trust me.
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At least we have the next Shadow book to look forward to. :)
dude this is fucking awesome xD, i love the lighting and the embers really adds to the mood
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can i gat this picture in my work ?
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i know!!! i finished Children of the Mind yesterday!! it was awesome, yet sad cause ender died... but his soul lives on in all of Lusitania.
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Right into the faves goes:)

It's magnificent!
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Hello Andree.
I felt free to use your picture for my Clint Mansell Video. I hope you dont mind, I told the people about your picture and that its yours ^^
If you like to watch: [link]
I you want i will delete this videos again.
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i dig future crap like this

and it isnt over.
card is making another one :D
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