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In the suburbs

By AndreeWallin
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A mattepaint I've been working on for a while. Started of with a photo of London as a plate, and it ended up being the outskirts of an american.. China/Japanese town apparently. :) Seems to be in a future not far away.

Hope you like it guys.
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great!!!! i can't say anything except wow!!
Torqual3D's avatar
Nice! The Emirates Towers.
KahunaSniper's avatar
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At first, I thought "wow, this is sure a high-quality photograph..."

....Then I realized it was a PAINTING.

AJthe90skid's avatar
Is this 3d or what?

Anyway it looks AWESOME!
Bizenghast's avatar
great work :) reminds me of the firefly 'verse
yarnluv's avatar
Emirates towers too :boogie:
Amazing piece of work :heart:
fcneko's avatar
Holy blinkin' COW that's awesome!! Gives me the idea for an intro sequence to a cyberpunk novel... O_o
MaverickRadical's avatar
This piece is absolutely monumental. I love it to bits. :D
privateikal's avatar
Pretty Realistic. as in the concept of how this could happen everywhere where all the countries. would be a part of some different culture and race. and i bet. that would cure Racism. or get it worst.
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hang on a sec... that's a PAINTING!?
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Completely amazing photo realistic work. Ahh yes the Sino American future may be closer than we think what with the credit crunch etc.

Head East young man, head East!
VictorDoUrden's avatar
Did you actually write characters for the Chinese/Japanese on the billboard or are those random?
The-Dirty-Hound's avatar
McLovin' your work dude.
Abbles56's avatar
youre so talented, this is amazing i wish that i had such raw talent. :)
o0El-Stray0o's avatar
man youre astonishing!
this looks so real, i think i just found a new bufddy tu watch ^^
THX-4077's avatar
Amazing work... I love it.
dectoons's avatar
Shiny! Reminds me of Firefly ^^
HB98's avatar
Andree Wallin Rocks!!!!
Norbert2009's avatar
It's like if America was japonized and taken over by Japan. A nice way to see how technology do to our lives... a new japanese America hehehe. I think It's a great balance between the american way of living and the japanese one.
jethrun's avatar
I love your work.

What exactly is the definition of "mattepaint?"
dailybread5's avatar
Oh man, great painting, looks so realistic!
Vocorus's avatar
The H-Shaped building in the background reminds me of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur.

Very nice work :)
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I'm speechless ...
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