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3h speed, I just love sword fights.. heh
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wooo the textures!! D: love it!
Yukurimik's avatar
fking epic :D:D
do ya mind if i make a tattoo out of it ... for myself xD
LJFHutch's avatar
Incredible, brilliant movement.
aldothegreat's avatar
thats awsome dude...!!!!!! amazing!
HerrleerzeichenS's avatar
fantastic, what did you use to make it?
Saphinris's avatar
you like sword fights ? :)
me too :D --> [link]
ChaosWolf01's avatar
WOW this is fricking awesome. You've captured the movement of the fighters and lighting perfectly. NICE. :D
kito19's avatar
very expressive!
Krapik's avatar
"I just love sword fights.. heh"
so do lots of us, so do I mate! :ahoy:
CraigMullin's avatar
Very Good perspective. Nice Action
RhysBriers's avatar
Oh WOW, your work is awesome!!!
RacqiaDvorak's avatar
you're very good at putting the stance in correctly. you can feel the motion, and it looks natural.
TheodenN's avatar
I can feel the power of the strike. Nice pose and momentum feel.
BraveBabysitter's avatar
your style with the armor is amazing :D
khrushchev's avatar
Such great texturing on this piece, I love it.
mind-thief's avatar
wow, this is just incredible. i love how you can see the brush strokes, it just adds to the awesomness.
theelusiveyoda's avatar
ah man your work as well as leventep and others like Marko Djurdjevic have made me change the way i draw for the better, before i was like everything needs to be renderd perfectly now im like, screw that. i just want to say thank you for opening my eyes
AndreeWallin's avatar
you're welcome dude, I'm glad I can help inspire!
teemunkle's avatar
great captured the scene and the kinetic energy of battle at exactly the right moment...with the left combatant about to strike and the right lowered and braced for the coming gives a real sense of force and energy,you can almost feel the massive impact of the sword against the shield although it isnt illustrated.very skillful.
bustercloud's avatar
love it man!!! it totally gives me to push a lot doing this kind of style!!!! keep up the good works dude!!! :party:
vaniergt89's avatar
I love your new pieces! Do you do these freehand or from reference poses? I'm waiting for more :)
AndreeWallin's avatar
thanks! This one came directly from my imagination, no ref used. There's alot more coming up, I assure you :)
Sythgara's avatar
man i can't believe that people call it speeds...sigh no matter how hard or textures brush i use it just doesn't come out right. great job on it
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