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Female mecha

Hey guys, I've been doing some commercial work lately, which muted my inspiration temporarily.. :/ Anyways, I'm leaving for UK tomorrow to work at a production company for the summer and hopefully it won't take away all my creativity. Here's a scribble for the afternoon, something to get me started again. Have a great weekend everyone!
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nice artwork .
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I love dipictions of female robots/androids. They often inspire me to write short stories and dream of future fanciful times on distant wolds. For a scribble, that's pretty impressive. Thanks for letting us dream with you.
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Looks like glados from portal 2
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nice shading very impressive work man
owlcitygurl13's avatar
that's a scribble O: awesome :D
theunwantedsoldier's avatar
wish my scribbles looked like that >_<
meskalito's avatar
you had the perfect image in your mind you just overdid the head,it's a litle big.My opinion anyway.awesome piece
Shizoy's avatar
can i gat this picture in my work ?
Lean-V's avatar
Its the Terran Lady! =D
an1r0n's avatar
How did I miss this! Great work, really great!
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As if i-robot invented white robots tshhh
Beautiful lines on this piece!
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Wow...Lots of detail. That's one heck of a scribble to say the least. Awesome job this is a fave in my book!
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Excellent work! :thumbsup:
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Reminds me of IRobot
3ricl3's avatar
You only consider this a scribble!? Oh man...
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Featured here: [link]

Amazing! :faint:

NenasFisio's avatar
Really nice! very creative! Good collor choice! ;D
Pscientifik's avatar
O_O O_O O_O this is making me get back in the whole robotics art again
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Hey What Program do you use to colour your creations. Please tell me i am going to grade 10 and i want to become a animator to soon . pLEASE Help.
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