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April 4, 2009
Enhanced t rex by *AndreeWallin is jaw dropping, no pun intended. Absolutely amazing brush strokes and details!
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Enhanced t rex

Todays schpeedie.. 3-4h I think.
Not really a t-rex tho, didn't have time to study the anatomy correctly.. but some dino at least.

Btw, thanks again for all the kind comments, it really means a lot!
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WOW! Very good work! This piece is amazing! Check out this one:…
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I love the lighting in this piece and the perspective - it is as if we, the viewer, are hiding from this predator's gaze in the shadows as it scans the forest. Plus, I love the device on its head that even covers its eyes, which to me implies that it's being controlled by someone else and there's a bigger story we're not seeing.
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Harness the Power!...

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But T-rex had the best eyesight of any known land animal
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With its infrared vision, it can see you even if you don't move !
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Wow ... wow yeah!!! =)
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i know it's likely been said, but i am a lazy badger and don't care to comment scroll... but this is awesome~ the mood, colors and elements to it really make this something to look at for me.
One thing that tickles my interest is the fact that this seems like an awesome revamp of the Dino Rider's T-rex with a brain box affixed~

now THIS is something that would be worth looking into for concept art if one were to make a movie of this. (Hey... they did TF, GI Joe and other toons... why the heck not????)
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3-4 hours? whaaat, this is so cool D: I want to do something like that in just 3-4 hours.
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Takes me back to Dino-Riders.
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very original and creative
LordFrieza90's avatar
what software did u use to make this?
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A cyborg dyno. Wow.
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WOW this is absolutely AMAZING! The upper facing viewpoint of this pic definitely has brought out it's sheer height, the graphics look professional and the idea is brilliant!! great job! ^^
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We all know the only enhancement T-Rex's need is longer arms.
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Okay, I'm scared.
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Enhanced the head, BUT HIS ARMS ARE STILL TOO LITTLE! I wanna high two a t-rex.
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This is Awesome! Wish I had one as a pet! lol
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