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Dragon vs soldiers

The dA user SneakyRaty suggested dragon vs modern soldiers, so here we go. :) Not my usual cup of tea but it was fun, tried to go for a cinematic Michael Bayish feel. And thanks everyone else for all the great suggestions, I might do another one later on, you gave me a lot of ideas!
( The image itself was yet again inspired by some paintings by [link] )

Oh and my laptop is fucked up, so I haven't been able to paint anything at home for a while.. :/ Annoying.. but I'll come back soon enough with more speedpaints (this was not a speedpainting)

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This is incredible! You, sir, are one exceptional artist!
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Dragons are only strong because we fought them with weak swords and bows but now that they are gonna face some hot lead out of a machinegun, they don't stand a chance. Seriously one aircraft Gatling gun run would literally turn it into a bloody pulp just like how a blender turns a strawberry into smoothie. Let alone that there are bombs since the Cold War that could penetrate even bunkers. What is the dragon seriously gonna do? Breathe fire? Pfft! Good luck doing that to a submarine or fire proof armor while taking a 40mm to the face. Mumbo jumbo magic has no effect on a death machine

btw epic artwork! Headbang! 
I love it :D
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Modern weapon against dragon without support can end only with a scaled meatball. :/
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Lovely, great, awesome, TAKE MY MONEY!

I technecly have the same show name on RBLX... with out the 1

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Why isn't this an actual thing? Why aren't game designers and movie producers making this type of action? I want to see the army take on dragons with modern weaponry! I want to see Dog Fights between dragons and ace pilots! Make it happen! I can't stand waiting for someone to do something with a lot of things I definitely do not have access to!
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Read Temeraire by Naomi Novik :D
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Interesting story. I should check it out sometime.
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"Fall back and regroup, boys, our job's done; the air-force is coming in for a strafing run! Those magic scales can block arrows and spears, but against missiles and autocannons they don't stand a chance. And you can't out-fly jet fighters when you weigh an apartment block and fly with those scaly wings!

I can't wait to see the look on it's face when it gets torn to shreds! We'll show him! We'll remind him in his last moments that his era is done! And that we, not his kind, are the rulers of this world!"
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"Arrogant, little apes! I have been on this world long before your ancestors climbed down from the trees! I have weathered greater and more terrible threats than you could possibly imagine! It matters not what mechanical contraption you apes conjure up-I am a dragon! I am the master of this realm! I. WILL. PREVAIL!"
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"Better an evolved ape than an extinct dinosaur! Survival of the fittest!" *Bang! Bang!*
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[The dragon was subsequently vaporized by a tactical nuke. Ironically, the beast would likely have survived if he had used his magic to shield himself, or fly away from the blast zone. Fortunately for the humans, their foe was prone to monologuing and arrogance that even his fellow dragons found pretentious.] :trollface:
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You hear that sound? That's the sound of my jaw hitting the floor.
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WOW...!!! Awesome..!!!
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I think we all know who's going to win.
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Love the composition of this
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guys fighting a dragon with guns?!

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