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Dragon attack

Not my usual genre.. ~3h Enjoy!

Sorry jessica, I know he's no Hato but at least it's a dragon.. of some kind hehe
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This is amazing! I Wanna write a score to this!
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This is fantastic! When it popped up on my screen my brain said "oh. shit." and started looking for places to hide!
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Wooooooow...:D nice work!
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awesome :D
really good :)
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- spectacular fire/smoke effect
- the soldiers and shading look awesome
- but the dragon itself could use a bit of work though, too plain
overral 4/5 though
1st dude from the left "OOOH CRAAAAAP!!!
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"Run! Run or you are dead!"

I think that is probably one of the warriors shouting XP
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matbe so but it is glorious/brilliant/genius
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Hey, thats really nice! It's perfect as Netbook-Wallpaper. I like the strong colour of the fire, and the highlights at the armour.
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wow! this is incredible!
Mmmmm, roast guards.
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It' s full of energy and action. It transfers the viewer on the scene!well done!
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This is an Awesome Drawing!!
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movement effects are amazing..Just the wings of dragon seems a little bit small..But still awesome
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Why's this in your scraps, Andree?
absolutely AMAZING great job!!
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this is awesome! good job!
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