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District 10

Hey guys,

where do I begin... I rarely have time for personal stuff these days. As some of you may have seen already I am working with Radical comics and director Joseph Kosinski (Tron Legacy) on a graphic novel set to be released sometime next year. That + a few other freelance gigs is keeping me pretty busy these days, but after seeing District 9 last week I just HAD to make some fan art. I LOVED LOVED LOVED that movie, I thought it was absolutely fantastic and brilliant in every way and I can't wait to see it again. Now I know there are inaccuracies all over the place but I had almost no reference pics to look at and a limited amount of hours to spend on it so... Hope you dig it anyways.

I also want to thank everyone for all the comments, faves and notes I recieve, and I'm truly sorry that I don't have the time to answer you all.. :/ It's just impossible for me right now.... But I appreciate it, you know that!

Also, if you manage to figure out the nonhuman language at the bottom you might be able to figure out the story of the painting. ;)

Take care everyone!
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looks really cool mate. keep it up
grisador's avatar
Amazing Work ! :wow:
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great work :)  can i ask you for District9 font ? official page doesn't exist
Sagittarius09's avatar
♐️Awesome. Simple as that
xFireGatezx's avatar
I need this movie ;_;
morshu76's avatar
so the alien in front is wikus?
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I haven't met one person who doesn't love district 9. This is freaking awesome btw :D
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I love the movie^^
Awesome work
how long did this take you?
SuperStormtrooper501's avatar
TOTAL EPICNESS, i loved the movie too, cant wait for a sequel.
DeinVater's avatar
this one is outstanding!
brilliant work, i love how the smoke and the falmes adding dramatic to the scene
TaiGyoza's avatar
this is my new background! man this is soso awesome:D
Niall-Larner's avatar
Brilliant, very well done.
Shadowkey392's avatar
Reminds me of The Avengers.
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This is fantastic.
Ahh ya got me wanting to watch District 9 again, cos yer right! It was a great fucking movie!
Hey um, personal or not, your work is looking pretty damn good so far. Ima hafta keep my eye on you!
ZuviosGemini's avatar
This is BRILLIANT. I adore this movie.
jacektojacek's avatar
this is amazing. all of Your work is. i'm awestruck :-)
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