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Concept tutorial no.1

Ok, since I get so many questions about tutorials and vides - here's an overdue tutorial of my Museum painting. I know it's not that exciting and that it's a bit out of date but I hope this will answer at least some of your questions!

And btw, it is BIG so it's probably best to download and browse on your computer.

Stay tuned!
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Amazing! Thank you~ :)
RahulBisht's avatar
thankx! really helpful
superhermit's avatar
Uncharted 3 flashback lvl?
Lueyos-Panda's avatar
oh ah i'll learn from this (*_*)
"and it only took 20 minutes" (=__o) am i right? xD
HarryOsborn-Art's avatar
My attempt at following your tutorial :)

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Was the texture on the floor in panel .2 done using a 3d render program and texture image?
Sapphirelullaby's avatar
That was great, thank you! I'm trying to learn how to render environments, and though more architectural stuff is kind of daunting to me, this helps put it in perspective a little bit when you break it down to simple elements. Love your work!
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nice but the lights from the windowns are wrong, like the light are flutuatying or somthing
Wow, good general advice. I certainly learned a thing or two such as the image flipping for a fresh perspective. Thanks
Ggamandochi's avatar
It's amazing and useful!
chi-wei's avatar
thanks for sharing!
TapeDiggity's avatar
Highly insightful, though the dependence upon perspective in environmentals like this scares me a bit.

How long did it take you to get a grip on perspective, Mr. Wallin?
PyroStyx's avatar
so useful :) love all your work!
Soisto's avatar
I love the atmosphere of this piece =)
Queen18-Horse's avatar
rockman-forte's avatar
very educational, im curious though, do you use the brush at 100% opacity or do you change it varying on the situation? i notice solid brush strokes in some areas of your work especially when you speed paint but at a lower opacity. im trying to get into this kind of art as it is my favorite so any tips will help.. im the type that researches and theorizes before completing a task.
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Aand I used :P too much. Lol.
You make it sound easy, but having recently begun my escapade into the confusing world of photoshop, I believe either the image was actually absolutely huge when you did it, added to LOTS of zooming, or you have a very fine hand with your work. I suspect both. Your work is exquisite :P It has a fineness to its detail that makes me both shake with astonishment at the thought of the time, effort, and fury you must have placed in this work, and wriggle with excitement at the thought of maybe being this good :P I love Concept art and design. And I love your work :P
v-for-vincent's avatar
Great tutorial!
I'm just an intermediate/beginner and this is a great start on more advanced techniques.
Thank you for posting it!

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which software do you use please?
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very nice one, well well done
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