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Canyon city

By AndreeWallin
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Some canyon city concept I started on at work yesterday and finished today. I'm in between projects at the office, hence the frequent updates. I was planning on spending some more time on it but.. nah, moving on.

And Rahll, if you say you already had plans for this concept I'm gonna have to smack you... ;)

And yes, started with a photo as a plate!
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what kind of pot did you smoke, thinking the rock is painted? it is an edited photo of course. Great work.
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Seems like an area out of the Star Wars universe lol Sweet artwork, bro
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I saw your illustrations on Drawcrowd.

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very nice, like to know what softwares you used, its really nice job, 
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I love it. 
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Looks really cool. I've always liked the idea of a city in the canyons!

Pretty good!
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This is very cool. What are those cables going into the canyon floor for?
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Definitely looks cool ! Canyon city is interesting... btw, it reminded me "Sea Stack" city of one sci fi novel
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que arte incrivel!!O.O
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Looks great! It all integrates seamlessly. Out of interest, where did you get the plate from?
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What the hell! This is amazing work dude!!!!
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You have quite a gallery :) This one is my favorite
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Are those rocks photographs? because their are amazingly realistic.
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I just don't understand I keep seeing strait lines and actual curves in these works.. yours and others. I Have to jump through hoops--in photoshop to paint or draw curves and lines! I must be doing something wrong or using the wrong program; oh yeah, and thus wasting massive amounts of time (jumping through those hoops ya know).
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Hey is it ok if i use this for my Film i want to make it real i will put your name in the credits and put a linkback to your portfolio pm me please
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