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Just a 3h speedpaint/break from work. Thanks everyone once again for posting comments and faving my work, you guys rock!
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Beautiful colors and detail! The depth is spectacular, too. <3 
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Really captures the spirit, we love backpacking in the eastern sierras.
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This looks soooo similiar to a place i went hiking on a roadtrip- in stanley idaho, at the end of the miles and miles of a forest trail with streams running through it- you could cross it and have a beautiful view of meadows and the mountains in the distance x3
Who needs all the trappings of this world, which do more to detract from the contentment of the inner man?  Your artwork demonstrates tellingly the substantial value in a man getting out on his own and getting to know himself better!  The better I know me; the better I will know my fellow man.  The converse is also most applicable for the foolish man, who knows not himself and could care less about his neighbor.  Both are worse off and quite often don't even recognize it.  The former demonstrates good citizenry at its heart, which provides sustenance for both men.

More sound thought, logic, and reason to enlighten the inner man!!  Well-done!!  Nod Nod Nod 
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I saw your illustrations on Drawcrowd.

We have just launched an Award on Illustrations of the Future, about illustrations on "How do you imagine the Earth in the future?" or "How will be cities, society, technology, population or environment in year 2100?".

Participation is easy: send your illustration about how you imagine the Earth in the Future to #IllustraFuturs (via web) and later send it by email ( in A2 format (300 dpi). Deadline: 9th January 2015. 

You can also send an illustration that you have already done (related with future).

Awards: 3 Wacom tablets (Cintiq 13HD), 1 masterclass and the participation in an exhibition at Cosmocaixa Barcelona during a year.

More information:…

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Best Regards,

Miquel Baidal Crespo

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As many before I'm very impressed that this only took you 3 hours... I'm always ending up making several wet layers which I have to wait for a week or so to get dry enaugh to paint anything more on
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What the actual fuck, this took you only 3 hours? WOW. You are awesome.
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I wish i could paint like u
What a wonderful work. Thank you.
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So peaceful. I love it!
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beautiful work
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This really captures the reasons we get out into the wilderness. This almost looks like an alien landscape so fancifil as it is. Maybe that's because I read a lot of science fiction :o) Thanks for sharing your talent.
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how is it so realistic
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i love ur art it looks soo realistic awesome job!!!
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the flowers could be better ! anyway, this is also great
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Queria ser essa pessoa! que lindo
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Душевно ;)
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