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Alien landscape

A matte concept for a friend of mine. Two dudes standing next to a big hole.. hm, am I starting to see a pattern here? These guys must be up to something..

Btw, [link]
Check it out, it's your favourite artist ;) Purchase the mag and you'll be able to view a bunch of my work in full high res.
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Eridium Blight? Caldeum desert?
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Reminds me of the planet LV-426/Archeron from Alien/Aliens. Nice work.
I wrote you a private note
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Looks great, even if t screams "Crematoria"... :thumbsup:
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This reminds me strikingly of a Magic the Gathering card. I just cant frickin remember which one...
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Looks like Crematoria from the Chronicles of Riddick. :) Awesome work brother.
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wow,if i could create stuff like this i would be a very happy person.
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kinda reminds me of the open world scenes ( few ) in Dead Space 3... Good JOB
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This is how I imagine the end of the universe will look. A dark and inspiring work. I other words, awesome!
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Cool! Looks like PROMETHEUS concept art.
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This oddly reminds me of Aegis VII from Dead Space :/
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a dude in my water painting class totally ripped off this and called it his own. Bullshit on him! yours is way better
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Nice work, really.
It reminds me Armageddon, in the scene where a group of character deals whith the problem:
"How can we go acrossthis huge hole whith our massive vehicle?"
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Reminds me of that movie Outlander. It was pretty good, and so is this!
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Umm...Chronicles of Riddick?! I'm not sure if that's what you were going for, but that's definitely what I first thought. Oh, and it looks nice btw...
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Exactly what I thought too
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