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This was specially designed for spanish speaker yurifans who have been in a discussion forum called "yurilandia" ( translation for english speakers: Yuriland) And yes, it's a yuri forum, but there's something hideous and bizarre about this website. Not the thing that it has lesbians, nooo, that's not bizarre, the bizarre and hideous fact its that is an ANTI MAN forum!

The leader of the pack is a woman ( AKA Succubus Evaligan) She's not a feminist, it's an "hembrista" the opposite of "machista". "Hembrismo" is when someone believes that women are superior to men. That woman is so effin' disgusting!

She is a man hater, an enemy of transexual people and gay men and men in general. In fact, it's an enemy of whatever thing that implies "masculinity".

The sad thing about all of this is that She's an enemy of the stereotypes of the lesbian community. And She's also a stereotype!!

"The stereotype of the man hater lesbian."
If you don't like it, don't comment.

Comments deactivated due to sick stalkers.
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