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Meet the cast (Boney Greenboy)

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Hello Everyone! Andre is striking back, this time with something completely new! This time showing artwork of all of my crew members from across the ab short series, and other videos I have done on my youtube channel! You guys may know that all of my characters are standard mario enemies, but what you might not know is that all of my characters also have a very unique thing to them! They have normal and true forms! Their normal form is the standard enemy base of that character *Shown to the left*, and the true form is character I originally created on gatcha life club *Shown on the right*!
Next up is Boney the Bone Goomba, one of Andre's best of friends, and a pretty friendly bone goomba at that!

*Here's some interesting info about him that you should know*
He's a really special bone goomba. Unlike other bone goombas, he has the ability to crush rocks and other types of stones with his headbonk without hurting his skull, or himself at all! It's pretty special for a bone goomba like him! Another interesting fact is that originally his name was Bone in the past, but has now been changed to Boney, because it sounded a lot more accurate for this bone goomba.
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