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Let's play the BOOM BOX!

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Just when you thought that the Boom Boxers were gone and were possessed by ztars, SURPRISE! They are back!
These are enemies that appear in the DLC of Paper Mario - The Wrath of the Ztar King


Boom Boxer: Well this girl looks chill, this is a Boom Boxer, one of the classic enemies from the past
HP: 5
ATK: 2
DEF: 0
Special: Loud Sounds
Additional Notes: These are kinda much copies of the Evil Noize, the only difference is that they have Higher hp, and lower attack. They make for a pretty easy practice to get used to the enemies. But you still have to be careful with their Loud Sound attack, which can make you dizzy for just 1 turn, so be careful.

Beep Boxer: Here’s the ticket that should look familiar, the Beep Boxer! Much like their cousins, they like to blast songs and dance around like its nobody's busy, the only difference here, is that they a bit tougher to get rid of here.
HP: 6
ATK: 4
DEF: 1
Special: Shooting Sounds
Additional Notes: With their Shooting Sounds special, they can easily lower our speed, making it possible for it to out speed us if it hits us. If this enemy happens to get a CRITICAL hit however, it will make it so that she can more TWICE! Now that’s just plain unfair! They can also make you dizzy for 2 turns, but it's not that common. Regardless, I know for sure that you’ll be able to take it down Mario!

Blast Boxer: Oh boy, get your earplugs bro., it’s a Blast Boxer! These ones are even more annoying to deal with!
HP: 10
ATK: 6
DEF: 2
Special: Powerful Sounds
Additional Notes: These girls show no mercy when it comes to power, they have one hp less than Horrid Noizes, but they are a lot harder to get rid of thanks to the defense increase! Their special can do 1 of 3 things, either it will lower our speed, power, or defense, simple as that! If they shoot out blue sounds, that’s speed lowered. Red is powered lowered, Green is powered lower, you get the picture. However, they can also use this to their advantage as they can do this to raise THEIR states, making it either easy, or flat out hard to get rid of them. They can also daze you for 3 turns as well, of which there is a 30% of that happening! Get rid of them as fast as you can before they Blast you out!


Master Boxer: If you thought the White Noize was bad enough, that is NOTHING comparing to THIS new enemy, the Master Boxer! This powerful enemy was found in the Tower of 100 trials as one of the new enemies in the dlc! They are kind of much like White Noizes, except, they are a WHOLE LOT MORE DEADLY!
HP: 20
ATK: 10
DEF: 4
Special: Infinity Sounds
Additional Notes: Unlike the White Noize that we have fought before, Master Boxer’s special (that being Infinity Sounds), is out of a lost of words! If you get hit by this move without blocking, it will instantly knock you out, but we’ve seen that before, but if you do in fact get lucky and block it, you are left with 1 HP! That is a very destructive move, and I thought the White Noize was a pain in the butt! They can also you daze you for 4, 5, or 6 turns depending on how lucky we are until defeating it, but thankfully it only happens 10% of the time, so be graceful for that! The best strategy that I recommend to you is watch and wait until the Boxer is glowing red, signifying that it's going to use the attack. Then you the stop watch, and kill all the other enemies before it can get the chance to use it. You could kill it too but I wouldn’t bother, best to killed the enemies first, and then the Master Boxer.

The template I used is owned by thespidermanager,
here's the link to Turn up the noize, to show where I got the enemies from, since I tweaked these a bit, and made a new creation.… 

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