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Is It Pretty, or..... is it FAKEY!?

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New batch of dlc enemies in Paper Mario the Wrath of the Star King guys, this time it's with the Crazee Dayzees, and they have new variations! Including one new star log one, 2 new ztar forms, and one new rare enemy!


Pretty Dayzee: Hey check this out, that's pretty girl! Actually (ahem), this speaking of which is a Pretty Dayzee, they are pretty for their nature and in battle!
HP: 10
ATK: 2
DEF: 0
Special: Fake out
Additional Notes: Unlike regular Dayzees, these Dayzees actually stay in battle, however, they can easily fool you with their fake out attack, as even though they are cute and pretty, they can still pack a punch with their fake out attack. Other than that, not much else I can say about.

Ugly Planshee: Ew! Where is that senche coming from, oh, that's an ugly planshee! As the name implies for these "ugly" green creatures, they are pretty Dayzees possessed by ztars, however, they do something a little different from screaming like a regular planshee!
HP: 12
ATK: 3
DEF: 1
Special: poisonous spit
Additional Notes: While they have lower attack than regular Planshees, they actually have defense this time, making them a bit tricker to kill than anything else. Even though they don't scream most of the time, they CAN however poison you with their poisonous spit attack, which will deal damage with poison for 3 turns. Just be careful and dodge the stink, and you should be good!

Platinum Planshee: Oh boy, look at this Platinum Planshee! These variations of Planshees are EXTREMELY rare, you don't normally see these guys that often out here, but HERE it is!
HP: 19
ATK: 7
DEF: 2
Special: flee
Additional Notes: Oddly and (weirdly too me), these are the only known species of Planshee to actually flee from battle. While it is unusual, we are at a disadvantage as they carry some of the best gear that we might need! I best recommend stopping time, and then get rid of them immediately before it flees!

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Fakey Dayzee: Oh no, ANOTHER new enemy, A Fakey Dayzee! These are new flowers in the Tower of 100 Trails, that arrived here thanks to the new dlc, and OH BOY, I thought the Scaree Planshees were a tough pain to get rid of!
HP: 30
ATK: 40
DEF: 10
Special: Power Fake Out
Additional Notes: These guys have been known to be a danger to even Scaree Planshees, as they have one of the highest defense stats that I have calculated so far! With 10 points of defense, you know that this is going to be a tough cookie to take out! To make matters worse, their fake out attack is even more powerful than a regular Pretty Dayzee's, making it possible to even KO us in one hit! Do what ever you can to stop them, as nothing will make this thing go away!

The template I used is owned by thespidermanager,
here's the link to Turn up the noize, to show where I got the enemies from, since I tweaked these a bit, and made a new creation.…
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