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Thor vs Kratos

By andrebdois
Tribute to the great master Frazetta and the game God of War .

This illustration was done for the client, I made for myself.
I sought a wolf that would account for the total scene and found this.

Redesigned as a mere detail of composition. It has been redesigned to follow the image below.

Certainly that was used as reference only.
I had no intention of offending any author or artist

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© 2010 - 2021 andrebdois
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SwiftgaiatheBrony's avatar
Awesome art!
And is that Insanity Wolf?
magicwizard24's avatar
Cool picture

But just so you don’t get confused, the God of War Thor is not the real Thor. The Norse mythology Thor is actually a hero
avengen's avatar
Sometime yes, but some other times he feels more like a butcher, needlessly killing Giants, even those who did nothing

I'm an Asatru, sometime the Gods feel like dark reflection of ourselves 
magicwizard24's avatar
That's true but I also heard that the reason why Thor fights giants is so he keeps them in check. To keep Ragnarok in bay, but we all know that Ragnarok doesn't have a snooze button.

Speeking of Ragnarok, when I first heard about the new God of War, I thought it was going to be during the war in Ragnarok. Kratos and his son Atreus were returning home after hunting. A few days later, Thor arrives and asks for their help because ragnarok is coming and Odin needs warriors to help save the world. Kratos decides to help Thor but still doesn't trust him. During the adventure they battle draugrs, dragons, giants, evil spirits, and some of main foes in the ragnarok myth. I can also imagine Kratos helping Thor fight the Midgard serpent. They defeat it but Thor dies as well and tells Kratos, "You have done what you can. Now go. Get you and your son out of here". Or something like that.

Even though the game was not like that, its still cool.
avengen's avatar
Gods tried to control Ragnarok, to delay it. but only hastened it, Fenrir himself said that he would have a been a great ally of the Gods if they didn't betrayed him, Tyr knew this, the reason why Fenrir trusted him the most.

"Those who try to hasten the endmay delay it. Those who work to delay the endmay bring it closer." - Paarthurnax

You know, there is another part of Norse Paganism, it's called Rökkatru, it's based on the worship of Loki and his kin plus the Giants. They view the Gods as the villians. Secretive even by our standards

magicwizard24's avatar
I guess they were afraid that because Fenrir is one of the children of Loki they were believed that he would go against the gods.
avengen's avatar
Odin's Paranoia 
magicwizard24's avatar
I guess that also got him killed by Fenrir
avengen's avatar
Let's just hope all these time has finally cooled them off. 
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Fun fact: during the development of god of war 3, there was a scrapped story where kratos fought not only the greek pantheon, but also would've fought the Norse and Egyptian pantheons.
although this story was scrapped, the Norse aspect might have inspired god of war 2018
Dragondash98's avatar
You ACTUALLY managed to make Thor seem monstrous.
Guillaume101's avatar
Now that's gonna be in God of War 5. That's for sure.
Young-Gun94's avatar
"Ghost of Sparta, I would have words with thee!"
"Save your breath, Asgardian. It shall be your last."
analothor2's avatar
i love how this slowly became canon 
Dreali85's avatar
Kratos wins and now has Thor's now he is unbeatable and prevents Ragnarok.
ArcanineMike's avatar
This might actually happen in the new God of War game in 2017 watch the trailer it's legit
Did you hear about the new gods Kratos will fight next?
zirukurt01's avatar
While playing a Marvel game, I'm thinking about Thor-Kratos Battle and what to know who wins.

BTW, Thor looks creepy.
prettybirdie-is-vain's avatar
oh and this picture is AMAZING!!! I love everything about it!! Great job, keep up the good work! :D
prettybirdie-is-vain's avatar
With all due respect to the God of war games, the gods and "heroes" are so watered down you might not be able to tell what they were originally meant to be, as a game it must be fun because so many people play it, but the gods are so weakened in it I wasn't sure whether or not the creators of the game knew what immortal meant.  In this fight I'd have to say Thor would win because he is just much stronger and more experienced, and unless you weaken him too then he would definitely win, I mean really when it comes down to it and you say Kratos has god killing blades, you're talking about an entirely different brand of god, you don't try to kill a lion with insecticides.
JohnSpartan1982's avatar

When Greek meets Norse mythologies
Kratos wins easy!
RaynalJacquemin's avatar
Hail to the mighty Thor!
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