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Retribution of Skyra

By andreauderzo
Client: Privateer Press
Destination: Warmachine “Retribution of Skyra”
Technique: Digital colouring
All rights reserved
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© 2009 - 2021 andreauderzo
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i want this pic as a poster on my wall, what you think?
rawwad's avatar
Wow man! this piece is amazing, love style and mood. Contrast between front and burning background is fantastic, also love composition.
Chaosvii7's avatar
<3 Scyrah.

I bought their book an I'm making an army out of 'em.
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Unkn0wnfear's avatar
WOW! powerful!
Oldbeho's avatar
Freaking Awesome, though they seems a fusion between eldars and space marines.
tretham's avatar
wery awesome art. dam you are the king of art.
Kick ass work. I especially liked the Skaven in a different piece. If your interested in doing a collaboration for an Online Game drop me a note or something, I'm putting a team together. Regardless, keep dropping jaws with your work ;)
AxyzDile's avatar
Very Very Cool!
Wings-of-Art's avatar
Wow ! Unbelieveble Art man!
Very nice and creative.:juggle:
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netfoo's avatar
Whatever universe this is from, it's beyond words!
sick. color application is something to be admired.
Gjomlez's avatar
A Warhammer40k plagiyat, however amazing piece
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ooooh myyyyyyy goooood what a excellent work! amazing details!
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Your every works is Great!!! i love your works.
you are a Digital colorist or penciler?

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warhammer art, yay! xD
balseraph-dreaming's avatar
WarMachine. Not Warhammer.


this guy has done tons of artwork for them (check his gallery)
fiskefyren's avatar
warmachine? never heard of it... but i did think this looked a bit odd with space marines in eldar looking design... but who cares xD
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You win the internet.
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