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Client: Games Workshop
Destination: Warhammer 40000 “Codex: Witch Hunters”
Technique: Pencil
All rights reserved
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© 2006 - 2021 andreauderzo
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You version of the Sisters' flamer is way better than the actual model !
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The Adeptus Soroitas were always an interesting group. :P
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with pencil?
your amazing dude
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you make me want to chop up all my pencils and eat them out of rage.

amazing work. i have no idea how you managed to keep everything so consistent and clean -i am literally astounded. the flamer at the lower half and the bit of cathedral at the upper half are probably the most confounding parts of this picture. seriously, what is your secret?

i wish you much love and admiration and continued success!
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That's one of the pieces I love from the codex, congratz man
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The lighting on this is fantastic!
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Lol, you're actually worked for GW, then i know one of the artist who does those great pieces. :D
Good work!
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You're shitting me? You drew that! :jawdrop: lmao that's one of my Fave WH40k images, great job on The Witch Hunters COdex work. :thumbsup: :+fav:
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holy crude!!! dude are you a concept artist for a company because your work seems of that quality, probably even beyond a lot of the artists ive seen
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