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Cygnar Army

By andreauderzo
Client: Privateer Press
Destination: Forces of Warmachine “Cygnar”
Technique: Digital colouring
All rights reserved
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© 2010 - 2021 andreauderzo
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Shinji-kunn's avatar
Love that kind ! :D

Awesome ..... O_O

Greetings Shinji
bensta690's avatar
how do you even do that?? lol awesome
Saber153's avatar
That is pure awesomeness my friend, cygnar have the best infantry in my eyes. (cryx have the best jacks).
Titan-Warrior's avatar
How long did it take to make this?
The cygnar book should've put Cygnar's best foot forward and I was a little dissapointed it didn't; riflemen.
kalong's avatar
Elinewton's avatar
It really not a good place to get some vacations!! ^^
Really amazing paint!!
Beatheart's avatar
Is it an art for the game?
RudeoftheTurks's avatar
It's all about Cygnar. That's Lord Commander Stryker, an ENTIRE unit or even 2 of Stormblades and Ol' Rowdy with Storm Lances in the background.
JoseMiguelBatistajr's avatar
There needs to be a video game for Warmachine, turn based, real time strategy, or even an action/ adventure featuring some of the some of the heroes from the myriad armies. Anyway, this is fucking awesome.
Oldbeho's avatar
fierce and force!
Shenya-King's avatar
Faaaantastic! I'm a Cygnar player (or, I would be if there were any one to play), and I for one love this pic.
StudioJsculpts's avatar
ArdanBlade's avatar
Lightning powered weapons, writhing energy storms, giant fortresses surrounded by countless armored warriors! Most badass fantasy ever!
wash-away's avatar
i don't know why i hate warmachine so much, i really tried to like it but its just awful to me.

really great picture though, not sure if the focal point is the warcaster or the smoke. it seams really super busy.
lironvanvelsen's avatar
lol that red head guy looks like Cid from Final Fantasy :P

excellent work as always!!
TeddyBearWithSexHair's avatar
Where are the trenchers?!

Other then that, really great job.
RandomHypocrite's avatar
It's more of a themed army based on electrical damage... Trenchers don't shoot lightning, despite how much I'd love them to!
NewPlanComics's avatar
Such a great picture! I mean the level of detail is amazing even for the small guys in the back. It looks like they are defending from something. Who in there right mind would attack that force?

Truly excellent work!
Attelocin's avatar
A bigger force :P
NewPlanComics's avatar
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