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By andreauderzo
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Client: Privateer Press
Destination: Warmachine
Technique: Digital
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© 2007 - 2021 andreauderzo
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MrMajock's avatar
Fav unit in Warmachine :D
AT-9174's avatar
Also, do you know what book this image got used in?
AT-9174's avatar
Always did like the coats that the Cephalyx wore...
Asilyeri's avatar
"Adeptus Mechanicus & Skitarii" -_-
DrAlexTGizmotiki's avatar
those tubes from stomach to mouth and elsewhere are wild, I can not imagine the processes... wow
Your robots and super-beings are OutOFthisWoRLD! I love the massive shoulderguards!
Razielgod's avatar
G-Master64's avatar
gettin the big daddy vibe :XD: . great job keep it up.
Coconuthead's avatar
Wow...Those are probably the new Cryx guys with chainsaws! I'am looking forward to see another of your works!
Phoenix-61's avatar
That is awesome!! I love it!! what did you use?
warp-zero's avatar
This is one of my favorites from your gallery. The poses, the color, the composition, its all great!

I just recently picked up some Privateer Press books. So I'm just only now starting to be aware of your work. Glad to see you have a gallery here up on deviant. Keep up the awesome work!
thedarkcloak's avatar
very nice work!

reminds me of some of the really good FASA artwork from before...

Hmmm... also Dr. Satan from 'House of 1000 Corpses' comes to mind...

Sweet work... do you have any tutorials or interviews with insights into your process?

Do you start with pencils then scanned or do you just go straight into digital?

Either way, awesome works, definitely an inspiration. See you in the funny pages.
tycarey's avatar
Bha ... bha ... I'm lost for words at your outstanding technique! Gimmie!
Bellmoore's avatar
One word: cool.
Vladimir89's avatar
I like it!!!!!
CrillyMedia's avatar
Oh yes... this image is full of pain! Awesome! hehe

Been looking through your gallery... wow.. I don’t know what to say, other than if I saw your artwork on my new graphics card or board game box I’d be like :worship:

imric1251's avatar
wow, this image is incredible!!
Orvandor's avatar
incredibile....... magnifico !!!
AustenMengler's avatar
m-m-my god.... this is so incredible.
Hasturmind's avatar
Wow. This is one of the coolest pieces I have seen.

Beyond words.
Warmaster367's avatar
sweet overlord like pic
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