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Waterfall Memories (Patreon IP02)

This is the second Macchu Pichu inspired image whose creation process I will be sharing on PATREON.
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Nice! Is this concept art of an official game or something you did in your spare time for fun? :)
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I like the sharp, angular forms, they really draw the eye to the waterfall.
maxmaxus's avatar
Fantastic atmospher
Vektorik's avatar
I love the contrast in the picture! You're sketches are all so great :) I hope I can get to that point pretty soon
Anexlader's avatar
Shadow of the Colossus so much!
 Nice place. Both roaring water loud, and yet still serene at the same time.
AmberArt212's avatar
love ancient spaces!
moppiwolf's avatar
I love the lighting effect in this work.....very powerful
pheye's avatar
amazing colours and composition.
StopAtTheEdge's avatar
Your landscapes are amazing!!
The prominent lines formed by walls meeting grass really gives a sense of depth and focus. Nice work!
PABITRA-46's avatar
out of the world man...
WoOoOOoah, perdy (=
Elemento11's avatar
This is amazing man, 
Really nice sense of depth! The colours and lighting are beautiful, I especially like the waterfalls!
KidiMaster's avatar
good job! love the lighting
TealChickensGoMoo's avatar
BubbaGAN's avatar
Such beauty. A majestic and wonderful place to go, or at least imagine.
Guericke's avatar
Always wanted to ask that stupid question. And I think it is time to do this. How? How do you make such wonderful works? :D (Big Grin) 
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