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Warm Mist

Commissioned painting. The aim was to portray a magical forest. I drew inspirations from a lot of places but I believe Fangorn and Sintra, fictional and real, are what influenced me the most. I love forests...fantasy is inherent to them. I don't know if it's the green tones, the wind blowing through the trees or the fresh air...there is just something special about them.
I also took a lot of inspiration from the beautiful paintings by master painter Peder Mork Monsted
Let me know your thoughts.
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The atmosphere and the scale make this a truly epic work.
BrokenDreams24's avatar
I really like the birds and the filtering of light through the trees. Certainly has that ancient forest feel. Amazing work.
SAibIRfan's avatar
Incredible scenery, really like the shadows
chygawfar's avatar
the illumination is perfect!
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Tells a story of a beginning journey, perhaps a wizard seeking to understand his powers. The forest dark but not evil because he is journeys toward the light! RJ
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Amazing Lighting. The whole atmosphere is epic!
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I'm fascinated with this artwork, it's amazing the way that how used the contrast and brigthness in the image. You're great dude...
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Hoo.. Lee.. Shiet. Exceptional...
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Wow. The details make it seem so real!
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A place I'd love to stumble upon some day.
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Featured your beautiful deviation here: [link]
AbyssalJT's avatar
Cool! The details are amazing
SandraHultsved's avatar
Awesome work!! I love how you made the trees.
Mononoke-Kitsune's avatar
Awesome work! I really love the atmosphere in it!
dandon7's avatar
you are very very talented
ArtbroJohn's avatar
Brilliant work!
Love the atmospheric lighting effects!
Christa-Kinde's avatar
The slightly off-kilter feel in this is intriguing. The enchanted woodland closes in around unwary travelers...?
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