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The Treehouse

Done for my upcoming Patreon Illustration Pack which I will be releasing next week. Pledges close tomorrow.
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Do you know the work of Martyn Dean? He designed Yoda's house in "The Empire Strikes Back". This is somewhat similar, but more ambitious. Perhaps that's where the rest of Yoda's family is.

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Wow, what a tree!!

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Hope they don't have a termite problem
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Oooh! Now you don't see that on Zillow....
NeverwinterCitizen's avatar
Very cool fairytale stuff!
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thats where I would like to live, can you give me the location?

Weareone's avatar
I want an anime with your style.
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Beautiful and magical melded together
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that is some treehouse!

hey why did you make the hue blue in the background?
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This looks fantastic. Whimsical but well-made. An interesting colour choice, but works well, the purple flowers add quite a lot of visual variety. And wonderfully detailed. May I ask how long this took you, and whether you did any planning beforehand?
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Great atmosphere, well done! Clap 
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Love your style as always :clap: :+fav:
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I'm so in love with this design!
I see their electric bill is paid up!
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i love this so much!
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20 €/ m² ;- )))))
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Like in fairy tales...
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