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The Hunter and the Hunted by andreasrocha The Hunter and the Hunted by andreasrocha
I worked almost exclusively with the circular brush with no pressure sensitivity. Instead opacity was controlled using the keyboard.
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mariofernandes Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018
Great mood and a fantastic storytelling image
gensanity Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Code-Shark Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
A very well done piece, that and an interesting concept behind it too. I can not help but wonder what happens when they catch up with their quarry.
Xelgot Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Wow this is amazing!
Cookiesaurus-Rex Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017
But which is which?
quasihedron Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Excellent composition and a great scene! :clap:
Well done! :D
Unseeming Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Awesome scene... :P
Ururuty Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017
nice work
Falcolf Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017  Professional General Artist
Beautiful composition :heart:
" How long has it been? Since i last rested properly? Since i last ate something?

I have protected the Village for so many Years. I was part of their Community, so long ... ...
... ... ... yet, when that huge Group of Bandits struck - and everyone inside the Village was
in grave Danger of being killed or sold into Slavery, i had no other Choice ... ... ...

I revealed my ... ... ... "other form", to them. Some of them would say it is my true form.
They have no Clue about how incredibly difficult and straining it is, to bring out this form
without the Light of a full Moon. And yet i managed to pull it off, showing the Bandits the
nasty, feral Side of mine.

It all happened so fast in my Memory, but i remember it clearly. I charged through the
Bandits like a raging Bear, tore through Leather-Armor, ripping through Flesh - spilling
their Blood everywhere when my Claws managed to reach a Neck or other, unprotected

They were completely showering me with Arrows, strucks of Axe's, some of them wielded
small Swords - yet i was far to fast and powerful. None of them could bring me down.
My Wounds healed almost as fast as they could injure me - and i roared at them. I struck
at them. I grabbed Members of their huge Group and tossed them into the others, while
they were shouting and screaming in Panic.

I must admit for a short while, i lost myself completely in rage. When i understood that
they had killed over half of the Men of the Village, so they could savage over the Elderly,
Women and Children, play with their Future and decide who they would made into their
Slaves for Amusement or sell or kill them off,
a part of my Humanity vanished for a small time and the only thing i could think off was
to destroy these Bandists with all my rage.

When i finally came to, i was at the Center of the Village. My Clothes were torn to Rags,
i was covered in blood - same as all the Environment around me. There were Corpses of
Bandits - and even ripped off Bodyparts of them.
It seemed i got not all of them, makes Sense. Many of them had a good Distance to me
and were observing well. I was to fast and strong and dodged every attempt of them
blinding me by shooting at my Eyes.

They realised quickly i would come after them as soon as i slaughtered their Comrades
who were standing closer to me - and fled.
I had the coppery taste of Blood in my Mouth - and just when i realised i just slaughtered
numerous Bandits and saved my Village from being destroyed ... ... ... ... ... i saw them.

They slowly came around the Corners of their Houses, over the proclivities of hills nearby,
where the Snow was covered in Bandit Blood everywhere.
They were the same People i knew for over twenty Years, but the only thing their Faces
showed me was pure Terror.

They didn't look at me like at the Man they knew since many Years. They looked at me
as if staring the Devil himself into the Face. I wonder - was it because my Eyes' Sclera
was still black from the Transformation? Or was it because of the monstrous Scene of
Slaughter they witnessed just Moments ago?

" You ... ... ... ... you are one of THEM ... ... !!! ... ... all the Years, while You were here ... "

" We ... ... we trusted you ... ... we were willing to rely on You, all those Years ... ... "

" When you came to our Village, back then - wounded and half dead ... ... "

" ... ... we accepted You into our Village ... ... helped you heal your wounds - and get
better again ... ... ... ... ... didnd't we told you? Why our People had to leave the Planes
and Forests, of the Lands deeper down into the South ... ... ... ? Why we are here ... ? "

" Didn't you tell us you were attacked by some random Highwaymen during your Travel
to the North and that you were some wandering Woodcutter without a Family ... ... ? "

" You ... ... ... ... you lied, to us ... ... ... ... "

" There is no way, some random "Highwaymen" could injure You like you were, back
then ... ... ... ... ... NOT when you are one of THEM ... ... ... "

The Secret i kept successfully hidden for over Twenty Years was exposed to them.
So i told them. I had no Reason to any longer hide the Truth from them.

I told them, it wasn't Highwaymen and that i wasn't a wandering Woodcutter.
The wounds i got long back then, were from a Group of Paladins. They were working
together with professional Monster Hunters. People who specialise all their Life's Work
and Energy into exterminating Monsters, Vampires, cursed Creatures of the Woods and
of the Night ... ... ...

... ... and in ONE thing, they were not the least bit different from the Villagers i got to
call something like my Family, for many Years since i got here ... ...

... ... ... ... once exposed, they didn't care at all, if you are nothing but a changed Human.

" You ... ... ... didn't we tell you ... ... ... ? ... ... ... what they did, to us ... ... ... ? "

" I lost my Family ... ... ... my Friends ... ... ... "

" My Brothers and Sisters were slaughtered by them ... ... "

" We were nothing but helpless, innocent countryfolk, back then ... "

" They came to our Houses at Night and killed my two Brothers, when i was small ... ... "

Same as it happened to me. I also lost my Sister when i was still small. The Werewolf
who ambushed us at Night rammed his Jaws into my Neck, but miraculously i didn't die,
because in a Splitsecond his Attention turned to my Sister - and he decided he would
preferably kill her before me,
most likely because he realised she was a handful of Years older than me - and would
very likely have enough Strength to run away while he was shredding me to bits.

So he 'spat me out' again and i fell to the Ground with a partially tattered Carotid.
I lost Consciousness, while i heard my Sister screaming loudly, while being brutally

When i regained Consciousness, the shining Sun of the Morning had risen.

I stumbled around - and found the horribly disfigured remains of my Sister. The Monster
seemed to have devoured so much of her, that it's Hunger was satisfied enough as to
leave me back there and to decide not to kill and devour me, too.

Her remains where mauled so much,
in fact - had i not recognised the tattered apron over the the remaining guts and
fractured Skeleton - i would not have noticed that it were my Sisters remains at all.

I told it to them.

My true Story.

Who i was - and where i came from.

I told them that i returned to our Parents Home. It was a horrible Mistake to go
into the Woods at Night and search for Mushroom's when the full Moon lit the
nightly Landscape ... ...

" Ah' ", now i remember ... ... ... ... ... my Parents Faces ... ... ... when i told them.

When i told them, what happened to my Sister and me, back then in the Woods ...
... ... their Faces were just as horrified, as these Villagers Faces are, right now ... ...

At first,
i thought my Parents Faces were as horrified, because of what i told them under
Shock, of what happend to my Sister and me ... ... ... but they weren't ... ... ...

... ... they weren't frightened because of the Words i told them ... ... they were looking
so frightened because they were looking at " me " ... ... ... ...

Now it suddenly all makes Sense.

Now it makes Sense, of why my Father asked me in fright where the Wound on my
Neck had gone ... ... ... ... ... or why he wanted me not to leave the House at Night the
next Nights - or why a few Days later a Group of Monster Hunters and Paladins showed
up at our House ... ...

Why i had to run,
why i fled from People i never saw before, who wanted to kill me.

Why i fled from Place to Place, Village to Village - and was always in hiding, for over Nine
Years ... ... ... ... ... why i always had to watch over the back of my Shoulder if no one was
following me in the Evening, when i finished the Work i took on everywhere, to repay the
People's kindness of taking me in.

When i think about it, how did i never came to understand it, before? Am i dumb?

They found me again when i was almost as high up into the North as i am now. At the last,
"officially most northern" City, they ambushed me again and almost managed to kill me. It
was an Attack in broad Daylight - on the Cities Market-place.

When i think about it, it is nothing short of a Miracle that i always managed to barely get
away from these Attacks and survive.

" You told us you where attacked by some Criminals and abused our kindness towards you,
how COULD you?? Where you planning on hunting us here some Day, too? Like your kind
does everywhere else? "

" When i think about it that i had him nearby me, behind my back - all these Years ... ... "

" ... ... i ... ... i let him take care of my ill Mother when she was feverish ... ... oh my God ... ... "

" To think i let my Kids play nearby him, when he was cutting Firewood for the Winter ... ... "

It was of no use.

I realised i had to move on, once again. Yet this time, it would hurt more than usual.
With them, i spent more Years as with everyone else ... ... ...
... ... ... yet now, no one of them will want to see me as one of their Community, anymore.

" I understand ... ... ... ... ... please don't panic and just let me get my Belongi- "

A loud Noise resounded through the Air and i was falling to the Ground. It felt like as if
the tip of a Hammer would have hit the back of my Head. I was nearly knocked out - and
then i heard People cursing.

" You IDIOT!!! You have to hit the HEART with the Silverbullets, or otherwise they won't die!
What are you, fxxxing stupid?? Give this to me, Fool! Do you have even an Clue of how
expensive Silver-coated Bullets are? "

" S-Sorry ... ... i-it's just that these newly forged hunting Tools are still a bit difficult to use ... "

" That didn't prevent you Idiot from hunting Mountain Goats with it, didn't it? Give this to me,
you fool! Tell me when he moves again while i reload! "

So much Instincts at once.

I was in so much pain at once.

The Sensation of the brutal Slaughter of a Battle was still lurking inside every fiber of me.

Once again i was hurt all over. I still remember the many Bandits. I still remember the Fight.

I am incredibly hungry, from transforming into this vile form i hate so much. I had nothing
much to eat this Morning and still pulled the straining Stunt of changing into that form.

They should have seen everything, right?
They should KNOW - that i transformed only, to fight the Bandits, right?
They SHOULD have realised, i transformed only to fight - not to kill - and devour Humans, right?

They SHOULD KNOW - that i am NOT - one of these feral Beasts, but simply a turned Human!!!

For some Reason, i could not feel Anger.

For some Reason, i could not feel Sadness.

These Villagers, i came to like all of them. They became indeed like a second Family, to me.

They should also understand,
that if i hadn't these Powers and used them - they would most likely now all enslaved or dead,
by now. These Bandits had no scruple. They had forfeited their Humanity completely.

Yet nothing matters anymore, to them.

I jumped up!! For a Second, i had no real Sense of Balance - but it returned quickly.

" G-Guys!! He's MOVING !!! "

I know the young Man who shouts that. I also realise the change in his Voice - and that he
doesn't see me as a Human anymore, but a Monstrosity that they need to get rid off.

So i ran ... ... ... ... ... ... i ran - and ran - and ran ... ... ...

These newly invented things called "Bullets" pierced and scratched my Limbs and Body, as
i managed to closely get away, once again. They burned with so much pain that couldn't
prevent to scream.

Yet still, i could not really feel Anger. Or Sadness.

Why, i wonder? These feelings are not foreign to me. I can feel them like everyone else.
Am i insane? Or is it the Shock?

I don't care. I must move on ... ... ...

... ... ... seven Hours later.

It has been over " twenty Years " - since i was last hunted, like an Animal.
My Memories from before, returned ... ... ...

I remember again, why* my Senses are so superhuman, especially when being hunted.
I remember again, why* my Sense of Smell, my Sense of Hearing, are so incredibly sharp ... ...

And now i know, what TRUE Human Cruelty looks like.

These Villagers ... ... ... what are they EVEN thinking ... ... ... ?
I found my Home in this small, snowy Mountain Village with the Smith, a capable Craftsman
who was living alone with his single Daughter. He had no Wife anymore, because she died
while giving birth to her Daughter.

I was around these two friendly Individuals for many Years ... ... ...
... ... ... and i know only TO well, what they smell like. How their Voices sound like.
For the Smith, i became a Person to him which was nearly like a Son. And he trusted me.
Same as for his Daughter, who admired my diligent Efforts of being of use for the Village
and not being a burden. I know she see's me nearly like a big Brother.

And now these cruel Villagers send THOSE TWO, after me ... ... ... ??

" Dad ... ... ... shouldn't he be down already, with so much lost Blood ... ... ? "

" He isn't Human like You or I, my dear ... ... ... keep up your Guard. The others didn't
train you in hunting for Years, only so you can lower your Guard at the most crucial Time! "

" Yes, Dad ... ... ... but ... ... ... do we really have to ... ... ... " hunt Lahg'uss down " ? He
was always completely okay and normal ... ... ... what if the Village makes a Mistake? "

" You are to young and innocent, my dear ... ... you haven't seen what "i", or many others
from our Village have seen. Many of us do not know why Lahg'uss kept up his Disguise for
so long - and why he has never hunted anyone in the Village even tough he had many
Opportunities to do so ... ...

... ... yet i know - this - Man - is - no - Human!
Maybe he is a somewhat ... ... "mentally disturbed" Werwolf, who thinks he is a Human ... ... "

I could hear this, quite well. The Winds were gently carrying their Voices to me.
And damn ... ... ... ... ... Gormand. You have no clue how much these Words of you hurt me.

I lasted only this long, because i literally wolved down a good bite of Snow every here and
then - and yes, because of this unhuman ... ... this superhuman Durability, of mine ... ... ...

... ... but now i feel like ... ... ... like finally, the last Remains of my Strength, are leaving me.

I look down before me.
Nothing but a plain Slope, descending down between higher Formations of these Mountains,
nothing but Snow and Rock. It's like falling into a Dinnerplate with very steep Edges.

A perfect Trap without Escape - for very easily for Gormand and his Daughter to shoot me.
I somehow managed to run and get away as much as possible, always trying to hide behind
every Hill and Formation possible, so Pursuers would have no clear Line to shoot ... ... ...

But now i am literally trapped at a Dead end.
Is this the End?

I can hear their Voices.

Should it frighten me? The Fact, that even the young Daughter has a calm Voice without any
Hesitation? That she seems to feel somewhat guilty, but will also pull the Trigger anyway?

I stem my Hands onto my Knee's in Exhaustion.
Their Voices are near. I know they will see me the next Moment they come around the Corner.

Is this where my Story ends?

And why do i have the Feeling like someone else is also watching?
While my "new Family", comes to kill me.

My Name is Lahg'uss ... ... ... ... ... and know, Stranger - i am hunted.

(( Picture up above ))

Fin / End.
Bouchardet-C Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017  Student Digital Artist
noooo so sad...  Cry forever 

good writing
SchattenLotus Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017
Well, Thanks :XD: ^^;

The Idea behind this is a nearly hopeless Scenario,
in which the Maincharacter always closely survives right on the Edge of Danger and Death.

Who knows? ;) Will this be the End of his Story?
Or does Fate give him a Opportunity to survive as thin as a Hair's breadth?
Bouchardet-C Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Tum Tuum Tuuuuuuum

I just want a happy ending.  (੭ ˃̣̣̥ ㅂ˂̣̣̥)੭ु
SchattenLotus Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017
Good News for You then :D * hugs * :hug:
I didn't write this Story with a bad End in mind. ;)

I wrote it with the Intention of "something" saving him ;) since he is
not a bad Person :XD: WHO KNOWS what may happens next Moment? ;)

A Gryphon/Griffin may "storming down" from the Sky, next Moment? ^^
Scaring the Daughter and her Father so much that they flee? ;)
A Snow-Yeti showing up, doing something similar? ;)

A "SNOW-STORM" suddenly hitting the Environment, covering the Sight
of their Target? ;) "MAYBE" someone finds him and rescue's him from
certain Death, while his Pursuers are blinded by the Snow-Storm and
Noise of just said* Snow-Storm? ;)

You can expect something like this to happen. ^^
Maybe this Character suffers all his Life through -> but he MAY* be and
always will* come out victorious ;) no Matter how unfair Life and all
People within it turn out to be.

He was not born to die an unfair, tragic Death.
He was born to see Justice prevail, right to the End. ;)

He can not simply die. He will see his Struggle successful, to the End. :heart:
DunkleMaterie Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017
Die you filthy Werewolf! =P
KingVahagn Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow.. I like how subtle their target looks. Without the title of the piece as guidance, you could easily miss him in the top left corner. Very well done.
SchattenLotus Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017
But you can also spot him very easily ;)
Nikaleles Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i didnt notice the dude up in the corner at first and now i'm unnerved
TastaturKatze Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohhh, good composition! Much to learn here for me :3
Sereida-Arts Featured By Owner Edited Nov 16, 2017  Student General Artist
Wow, this looks amazing, did it take you longer to do it this way?
HarveyDentMustDie Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Perfect composition and light balance guide the eye trough the story. Great job. :)
DJ-AppleJ-Sound Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017  Student General Artist
Damn this is cool
SilentLadyGTA Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017
awesome !
BalloonPrincess Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
Fantastic work ... though I'm concerned about who might be hunting who.  :)
andreasrocha Featured By Owner Edited Nov 16, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
haha....I never thought about that...Great insight. I changed the title...
BalloonPrincess Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
I'm honored.  It was something that I thought seeing the shadowy form off in the distance, making me think he was leading the two hunters.  :)
shannathegirl Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017  Student General Artist
A miracle work.
GersifGalsana Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017  Professional Writer
Impressive, especially the lighting.
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