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The Hidden Village

By andreasrocha
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Decided to take one the images I posted in my last Patreon Illustration Pack and improve on every aspect possible.
If anyone is interested I can make the high resolution, original PSD file with all layers and Step By Step JPGs part of the next Illustration Pack on Patreon. No video, though.
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© 2016 - 2021 andreasrocha
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Wow, this is beautiful work! Such a lovely background too.


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wonderful aretwork

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wow! this is absolutely beautiful
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Gorgeous painting! Clap 
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Like that mistical lights
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This is going to be a difficult comment to make. :D I first saw this illustration of yours, andreasrocha, while browsing the favorites gallery of another deviant on this site, by the name of axcftu. Interestingly enough, this wasn't the only illustration I saw of yours on his page. Another submission of yours, Ice Temple, was side by side this one.

And it was in that context that I first saw both of them. :D

If I had encountered just one or the other in any other circumstances, I wouldn't be writing this comment right now. It seems that circumstances as the one I just described really do have such an effect on perceptions, particularly for those who may find themselves a little bit too romantically inclined. xD Nevertheless, I would  to leave my thoughts on these two images as I first saw them. Here's a link to the other: Ice Temple

There is a level of contrast inherent between these two images that exceeds breathtaking. One image showcases a temperate climate, bathed in golds, oranges, and greens. Just looking at it, I can feel the sweat on my skin. Smell the humidity in the air. By way of perfect contrast, Ice temple is frigid. It is a pristine, cold, arctic landscape, just as breathtaking and beautiful as the Hidden Village, but it's own way diametrically opposed to the Hidden Village.

If that were the extent of these two contrasts, then that would be the end of it, and I wouldn't have seen fit to comment. But the level of contrast goes deeper than this. The hidden village showcases a single figure. I can make out what seems to be a shield and spear, and the form gives the impression of a man. His gaze is oriented outward, into the lake and the various elements of nature, while what appears to be his dwelling lies off to the side, in shadow.

The Ice temple also shows figures, but they are more clearly seen as women, and where the hidden village showcases one, here we see many. The Hidden Village presents the man as barely more than a silhouette. The women of the Ice Temple are illuminated clearly. The man's dwelling is small, makeshift and not well established, and he looks outwards towards the horizon. The Temple of Ice, on the contrary, is so well established in tradition as to have been frozen in time, and the women are far from looking outward, but seem to be returning to the temple after only a short excursion.

Solitude vs. Community. Vital adaptation versus immortal structure. Change versus Tradition. I would call the two works a battle between two different worlds, viewpoints by which one might interpret the world, and humanities place in it, except that in both images, the beauty of one does not impinge on the assurance of the other.

Indeed, the single male figure of the Hidden Village does not know or care about the multiple females in The Ice Temple. Likewise, there is not a trace of judgement on the part of the females for any figure probably thousands of miles away. And this here is what I find so fascinating about these works. It is unlikely that you worked on either of these images at close intervals from each other. The Hidden Village appears to be a redrawing of a much older work, while The Ice Temple doesn't seem to have been created as a direct counter to the scenery shown here.

Yet somehow, my first experience with your work showed these two, side by side, a perfect duality of contrast and complement. And indeed they both are exquisite feasts for the eye. :D

Thank you, AndreasRoche.
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Sweet breakdown. There should be some like button to assure this comment stay visible atop forever :)
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Wow, Peter, would you stop to impress me!
I envy your vision ,to see things this way, beautiful way of thinking...
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Hehe! ^^; Thanks, axcftu. I appreciate it. :D
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Is this was this created with a software or painted??
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i can't even... i'm in love with your work man
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really amazing... !!
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