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The Hidden Village

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HammerinInkminer's avatar's a very interesting location to say the least.

Haya-T's avatar
Very splendid ! Nod 
Gilgamezh001's avatar
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I love it a real dream house!
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Beautiful picture but it would be terrible living there.
Everything in he house would be constantly damp, you would never get anything dry.
GRlMGOR's avatar
I don't know why everyone would want to live their as the erosion would be terrifyingly.
heavenford's avatar
Splendid!Like MTG Island in KTK block.
Cyrusma's avatar
very handsome picture ! serenity !
o-Alex-White-o's avatar
Please make this a print O3O Its so good!
ShogunateSanjuro's avatar
Oh, boy! I'd so love to go there!

Great work, man! :)
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oh wow this is really nice, you really created a grand feeling here like the building there belongs to a king or the ruler of the village below. and i love how simple but effective your brush work is here too, nice job
dustycrosley's avatar
Brilliant as always man. Love your use of architecture.
Victoria-M's avatar
This is beautiful :D
sowerofash's avatar
haha, that... palace?... at the top doesn't look very hidden.

Beautiful work.
ShadowSpyProductions's avatar
Did it take 40-50  hours?
Melody--Pond's avatar
I wish that was my house xD
mosuga's avatar
brilliant man!
Keisetsu-Amanogawa's avatar
I always can find your arts really easily in a lot of thumbnails because your arts are remarkable.
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