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Peaceful Kingdom

By andreasrocha
Some months ago I created a new folder with unfinished paintings/sketches and also intermediate steps of finished paintings. Basically it's a collection of a lot of crappy images I did over the last years that I think had some potential if taken further or reworked. This is one of my attempts to try and make something interesting out of something not worth looking at. Let me know your thoughts.
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HammerinInkminer's avatar certainly looks it.
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Too bad peaceful kingdoms are conquered.
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It's getting rave reviews where it is being shared. I think it's lovely. Maybe not your best or even your favourite, but still excellent technically, and the palette maintains the dream quality quite well. Big *Thumbs Up* from me.
Fascinating! The water looks so alive, the moss so plush, and you can almost feel the mist in the air! Would love to explore what's visible and all that's not!
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How many hours did you pour into this, it's beautiful? I'm just trying to figure out how long it takes you brilliant people to do such amazing stuff, so I can compare with myself. Usually takes me a long time for something this detailed. :D
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I find this artwork very beautiful. The choice of color makes the atmosphere looks very peaceful and it seems like a cold place, where it is always foggy or maybe I was wrong, and it still early in the morning and the sun is not up. Wrong or not, the drawing looks absolutely beautiful. 
I like the design of the buildings, cause it seems like everyone is living near to each other. It must be fun living there, where you are surrounded with neighbor and the distance is just a feet away from the door? Or something like that. 
The moss on the stone beside the river makes it looks like the place is rarely trodden on. The trees looks ancient with the moss growing on the trunk.
Amazing work, and thank you for sharing. :)
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that my new home, amazing work
Very nice imagery ... looks calm and peaceful ... 'Ravine Cities' are usually neat to see when done well, and this one is indeed quite nice to take in ...

Keep up the good work!
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This is definitely worth looking at! Lovely work!
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love the atmosphere!
I persoaly love it,if you reworked it wtg,if not then don't mess with it.
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I'd vote for you to be in charge of designing villages, towns, an cities like this in real life around the world! WOW it'd be a fantastic sight to see in person! :D :+fav::wave:
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Wonderful! Grin 

I love how the trees frame the kingdom, and the colors are very nice and very realistic! :D (Big Grin) 

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Amazing!! looks cool
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I LOVE your work! :)  Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful, incredible art.  It always inspires me to write with more imagination and flow and originality.
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excellent sense of depth! 
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very beautiful work :)
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So beautiful! I wish I could live there ^^
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Amazing work! Definitely made it interesting to look at
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i love the framing from the trees, it really made the architecture of the buildings more serene and organic :)
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Rivendell from Lord Of The Rings!
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