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i can almost "smell" that place.....This is breathtaking :)

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This looks so gorgeous! I'd like to be just chilling there, sitting on a chair, during my free time!

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ant this is why you don't shake the plant fertilizer bottle before spraying...
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Omigawd, what inspired this?  This is amazing!
elgrafitorebelde's avatar
This looks like the concept art from some suspense game! Awesome job
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This is what a scientist would call a 'whoops'.
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Beautifully done. The details are just right and the use of colour, light and dark are wonderful.
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You have a lot of progress. I love it.
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This is really good. Thanks for sharing this one. It's like a concept for a movie.
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Really cool! Reminds me of one story on r/nosleep.
Neelai's avatar
Awesome environment!
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oh, thats too much nitrogen in the soil for sure
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Home Sweet Home :D (Big Grin) 
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amazing painting, you are a master of digital painting, all your drawing are so perfect ^^
night2003bat's avatar
i think gardener took day off 
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Welcome to science
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This is why high school students should never conduct experiments unsupervised by their teacher.
sevenofeleven's avatar
The new Miracle Gro works very well.

Kordyne's avatar
I think the experiment has gone a teensy bit wrong! The pods on the ceiling look dubious =P

Brilliant work, as always :)
Hera-of-Stockholm's avatar
I want that fertilizer!
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