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BartGT5's avatar

Looks very beautiful andd awesome!!

Yergert's avatar

A wooden baroque. Awesome.

wow a bookshelf

Teironius's avatar

Marvelous work of art :O

I LOVE the detail of this piece. Brava!

JosueMachete's avatar

Hey! Are you taking commissions? What are your rates? Your art is beautiful!

Ess-Art's avatar

I would love to spend 24/7 at this place!

Really super art...Lovely

This looks so beautiful, i love it!

ZXGlitch's avatar

Excellently done!!

FancyRatPad's avatar

This is gonna inspiration for my next piece. It looks amazing. You must have god powers haha

Love this photo.

KaioTArt's avatar

Love it, great work!

DiBBKa's avatar

This is exquisite.

casinomentor's avatar

A library of a King

It feels so real and alive, great work!

EricLeViking's avatar

Love this library !

But why "occult" ? Can't see why in the design. Or am I missing a detail ?

camelotcrusade's avatar

Fantastic! Instantly transports me into a book I want to read. ✨

Wonderful library of any kind, but oh, the windows!!!
Well done!
OpenFields's avatar

Looks like a cozy night in reading up on the history of cults dedicated to the blood God!

TheDarkPhoenixQueen's avatar

This is giving me some major Hollow Knight vibes! I love it!

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