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Morning Arrival

Inspired by the incredible environments of Fan Ming.
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...good lighting -- nice angle; a captivating image overall.
Glastle's avatar
Glorious!!! La la la la 
Absolutely gorgeous. Can't begin to describe how aesthetically appealing and inspirational your piece is. Have you ever thought about making this into a print and selling it? I'd definitely buy one :)
webrucini's avatar
what an atmospheric effect!!! 
the subtle silhouette of the people climbing in the foreground is AMAZING!!!
One of my all time favorites! +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav  
Agora estou a ver que e Portugues, que trabalho!!!!!
Estou rendido!
Der-KAIser92's avatar
I could fave every single picture from your gallery.. your art is amazing
zeromath's avatar
love your whole gallery so far.  
izzi3bootz's avatar
Gorgeously rich colours, intriguing angle, and those rays of light are spectacular... All together a very beautiful composition.
wanro027's avatar
I have this picture as my is amazing!
loveisonthemove3710's avatar
The angle makes all the difference.  I can't stop looking at it.
Sagittarius-A-star's avatar
Amazing environment!!  That is a really cool castle. :) I like the way you used light and value in this painting... this makes me want to hurry up and start working digitally so I can learn to do environments. :D
tune4jack's avatar
The castle design and lighting are excellent.
UnbearableME's avatar
this is very good :)
InVengefulEmbrace's avatar
This picture is so damn MTG. I could almost name some white spell this fits to. What I didn't yet say: Amazing work. I wished I was that good with architecture. Or colors. Or perspective, or light, or composition, or value, and I even can't draw that shadow of that horse. Damn horses.
atlantacus's avatar
The sense of scale is awesome. Nice job.
RexYanaris's avatar
Beautiful, there's so much emotion in this image. 
Your paintings are not just pretty.  They evoke feeling and whimsy.  That's a very special gift.
Markusoo's avatar
Amazing values.
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CrazyGobb's avatar
Un joli effet de lumière. Sympa.
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