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Evolving Wilds

Magic The Gathering card
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That's a fantastic looking spectacle between fire and ice.

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My favorit evolving wilds. Hm now i need to check if you have more art in mtg.

This is beautiful
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No word to say.. Just superb.. 
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Interesting picture!!!Interesting picture!!!Interesting picture!!!
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A clash of the elements. And colours. Very intense!
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Wow. Now I wish I'd gotten into Magic in the Dragons of Tarkir set, just so i could try and find a copy of this card. Ah, well. I'll have to settle for looking at it on here.
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Soooooo good!!
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Well done. The lava really draws your eye.
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Very beautifull!
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I really liked the art on this card! I personally own 4 foil copies.
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this is so bad ass
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This is by far the most gorgeous Evolving Wilds ever made. It's always my goal to put a Sheltered Aerie on one so I can leave it on the battlefield. Well done sir. Now, if only I could have it as a playmat...
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Really cool.

There's a great contrast between the deep greens and blues of the forest and summits and the intense glow of the lava.

A volcanic eruption is something incredibly powerful, liquid earth coming up to the surface and almost unstoppably scorching its way along the ground. Many pictures of an erupting volcano need to show large clouds of smoke and lightening in the sky to capture this power of nature; this one managed to do so simply through the choice and good use of colour. It seems to me I could feel the heat of the lava already from looking at it.

It's also really neat how the lava flow just passes down the mountain, almost like a river would. The forest around seems mostly unharmed. Only where the lava hits the water the steam is rising, but even there it doesn't seem a really violent, drastic thing. It just happens. There's something like a peace between the elements here that makes the volcano a natural part of everything instead of a destructive threat.

Well done! :)
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Love the contrast in this illustration. Its so peaceful, yet so full of turmoil. Beautiful work
How do you go about purchasing a poster or painting of this?
How do you go about purchasing a post of painting of this?
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Talk about a tourist attraction. Could be Yosemite.
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My Favourite Artwork on Evolving Wilds by far, great work! Love the composition, colors, lighting. :)
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