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Evil Returns

Being a child of the 80s I grew up watching the Evil Dead movies, John Carpenter's great horror masterpieces, Poltergeist, etc...I had to come up with something with living dead...I hope the 30somethings out there relate to this as I do!
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Can this art be used in a youtube video?

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I'm getting some serious Exmortis 2 vibes.

nearly twelve o'clock.....

time for one last story......

one last tale before midnight 💀

Yep is a Church has its lights on you know Evil is being done in there.
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i just want to be like are great....
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When I saw it as minigrafic and read the title I first thought... " Damn, Christianity returned " ! :XD:
But then I spotted the zombie like figures slowly walking in. :rofl:
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Epic lighting and composition man! I like it.
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You don't have to be old to appreciate great art.
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I just wanted to let you know that I love this artwork so much that I made my jack o lantern based off of it:…
I credited you in the description.  I hope you like it.
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Preciso de um filme assim. *-*
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so great, man!
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This is so good. Really. And I hate zombies. Anyway, zombies scare the bejeezus out of me, but right now I imagine that there's some chef zombie lady ringing a bell and going DINNER TIME ARGHBLARG and all the zombies are coming to dinner. To eat brains. And that did not make the image any better, did it?
Oh, just ignore my fears. This is an amazing piece of work! ;)
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I freaking love this. 
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Woah! I love horrific things, and this is definitely one horrific setting. I love this!
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this reminds me of left for dead when you have to go into a church for the safe room and the guy rings the bell and a whole bunch of zombies start coming to the church. really great picture though I love the red coloring in the church and the tree. it almost looks like the red lights drawing the zombies in
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You totally nailed it! :D
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Smells like the Tristram Cathedral!
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Amazing I love it it's so beautiful nice scenery :D
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Awesome work! :) As soon as I saw it, for some reason I thought of the movie "In the Mouth of Madness" - must be the evil feel and that small town if the black church. Something about that movie that gets under your skin a bit. If you haven't seen it, give it a go ;)
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