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ww2 Hungarian weapon and equipment
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Published: December 14, 2016
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WWII technical table

dedicated to Christopher and to Daniel

The Danuvia 39M submachine gun 9x25mm Mauser  was issued to the Hungarian Army in
 1939.  The weapon was modified in 1943 as 43M and provided with a folding butt and
 an angled magazine. The 39M was long 750 mm and weighted 3,65 kg unloaded.  
The magazine stored 40 bullets.

The Fèg 35M was a bold action rifle chambered in 8x56mmR.  It was an hungarian 
improvement of the  Mannlicher M95, the old straight-pull bolt was substitued by the
 simpler and robust Mannlicher-Schoenauer rotating bolt.  The magazine stored a 5
 rounds clip, it was long 1.105 mm and it weighted 3.1 Kg unloaded.

The Frommer stop in caliber 7.65mm Browning, adopted as Pisztoly 12M in 1912 by 
the Magyar Királyi Honvédség, was a long-recoil automatic pistol, it weighted 650 g and it was long 
165 mm, it served the Hungarian Army in the WWII too.  

The Frommer, Fég 37M  .380 ACP was the ordnance sidearm of the Hungarian army during
 WWII, it weighted 770 g and it was long 182 mm, the magazine stored 7 bullets.
 About 200.000 Frommer in caliber 7.65mm were built for the German Army too.

The  MG30,  designed by the German firm Rheinmetall, was produced in Swiss by the 
Solothurn and in Austria by the Steyr-Puch to bypass the Versailles Treaty. It was
 adopted by the Magyar Királyi Honvédség  as Solothurn 31M Golyószóró.  It was long 1162 mm 
and it weighted 10 kg unloaded. It was loaded with 30 rounds slightly curved magazine
 inserted in the left side of the weapon. 

This soldier is a Gendarme of the Hungarian Army Field Police, which had the task to
 maintain the discipline in the army. 
The military policemen wore the same uniform of the other armies, but they had a 
peculiar black hat adorned with a  plume, when the militaries were on the field they 
used a common campaign hat, eventually adorned with the plume.  The gendarme wore the 
Hungarian version of the  Feldgendarmerie gorget, in German language it was scornfully 
called kettenhunde – that means dog chain.

He looks sad, because war can be the adventure of a life, but it’s often a 
Voyage a l’Enfer. Of course the author  is omniscient, and he knows how it
will end the story, and so he might project his feelings on the characters. 
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Midway2009Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Interesting work. :clap:
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Midway2009Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you're welcome
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Ay, I searched ww2 weapons and I didn't get one fetish photo nice
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Have you looked for the WWII tag too?  I've seen that the most fetish photos and drawings are tagged WWI and WWII rather than WW1 and WW2.
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SeverusianaHobbyist Artist
Your pictures of weapons are awesome , look like phographies. 
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You are always very kind, thank you Lorena.
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39M and 43M looks similar to PPD-40, escpeially it's bolt
AndreaSilva60's avatar
Yes it's true, they were designed by Pál Király,  the same engineer who designed the San Cristobal Carbine, widespread in the South and Central America,
there is a beatiful monography in Forgotten Weapon:…

I really don't know if it was due to analogy or homology.
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Это не советское оружие вовсе, и не русское, с чего вы взяли??
AndreaSilva60's avatar
Я не знаю русского, и я надеюсь, что переводчик хорошо переводится.
Название указывает на Россию как боевую зону,
солдат и оружие - венгры.
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Ну ладно. Я просто девушка-историк и знаю, что у нас не было такого оружия
AndreaSilva60's avatar
добро пожаловать!
Если у вас будет терпение в какое-то время, я также нарисую оружие красной армии
во время Второй мировой войны.

Между тем, я уже разработал российское оружие первой мировой войны.…
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Yep the 20th was a bad century to be Hungarian, they lost their half of the Austro-Hungarian Empire after WW1, and got minced by their "friends" and by the Soviets during WW2.  No wonder this soldier looks a bit depressed.
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You are very right, and this  really was the  reason why he is sad,  the author is omniscient, and he knows the story better than his characters.
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muhdZul098Hobbyist General Artist
Why the Steyr-Solorthum MG30 resembles a German MG34?
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Veramente ben fatti !! Meriterebbero fi essere su un libro della osprey!!! :)
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You are right one more time, it's the same weapon, the fact is that Germany to by-pass the Versailles' treaty that forbade Germany to produce machines gun,  they were designed in Germany but producted in Swiss and in Austria, then the Swiss and Austrian firm sold this light-machine to many European Armies.
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camorus----234Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well done sir, a much forgotten axis ally. Great detail on this one, multi bene!!!
Great info as well!!!!
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Thank you, very appreciate :)
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Bellissimi i dettagli nelle armi e nei vestiti :)
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Captain-TorrHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah Old Boy beautiful work, it's interesting to see the others countries involved on the Eastern Front. And I see that the Hungarians were still better equipped than the Romanians.
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