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ww1 - Light Mortars



ww1 - Light Mortars

During the First World War there was a big  progress in  light and in  heavy mortars, due to the staticity of the battlefront, and because  the enemies were protected from trenches that were dug into the ground. The armies of 1914 had come to war with a large amount of cannons and with a limited number of howitzers, more over ammunition were mostly of the Shrapnell type, since they were very effective in the open field to massacre men.

The cannons, because of the powerful launching charges at that time, had to launch robust shell  that did not explode in the barrel of the weapon, so the explosive charge contained in the shell was very limited, while high amount of high power explosive was  needed to destroy barbed wires and reinforced concrete casemates.

The need for curved shot and the need of a great amount of high explosive led to the production of a large number of heavy mortars that could launch shell having thin thicknesses, thanks to the low launch charges. Heavy mortars fired from trenches,very near to the first line, because the short  range, while light mortars could follow  the infantry to the attack.

In this table there are some types of light mortars, often these weapons were designed in a hurry, Sometimes also from industries that were not very scrupulous, often using these weapons was very dangerous for the artillerymen either because they fired from the front line and because they sometimes exploded.  The more little of the mortars had a range of about 400 metres, the heaviest could reach a range of about 4-5 Kilometres, but they were a very complex  type of cannon, not an actual simple mortar.

The 3-inch British mortar became the archetype of all subsequent modern mortars the other types of mortars at the end of the war were quickly radiated.
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