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Leaping Wolf Tribal Tattoo

If you want to commission me to draw a similar artwork, then info & prices can be found here -….
For more similar artworks click here -….

This image (c) me. Please do not copy, trace, reproduce, get it tattooed or alter in any way.
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Apr 5, 2019, 8:08:38 PM
© 2009 - 2021 AndreasAvester
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Very good job. :)
Especially the odyssey you went through to get it finished. :D
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Stock!? WTF? If you haven't noticed it, this deviation was not uploaded in "stock" category. Below it "all rights reserved" is written. And by the way, the fact that I haven't put a big, ugly watermark on all my drawings doesn't mean that anyone may use them as they please.

Please remove this deviation, or I will have report it as art thievery.
Aizen-Vs-Gods's avatar
Dickhead/10, would insult again.
ArcticWolfSpirit's avatar
i would love to use this in a project im doing!!!
(i love the design)
i will give you credit for your design
AndreasAvester's avatar
I do not allow anyone to use my art in any kind of projects.
ArcticWolfSpirit's avatar
thats perfectly fine!!! thank you for letting me know, (this is why im asking)
MauriceHof's avatar
Hi Avestra, I used your beautiful wolf tattoo for an illustration of mine.
I hope you don't mind?
Maurice Hof

AndreasAvester's avatar
Well, I do mind. If you would have asked me for permission to use my artwork BEFORE actually doing that, I definitely would not have allowed that. All my images are marked with "all rights reserved", I never allow anyone to use my art in any manner unless I get payment for that. And in my deviantart profile page there is written all this information, so that people wouldn't have to ask me all the time.
So in this case I consider this a simple art thievery.

I won't ask you to remove this drawing of yours from Internet only because I see that you have put some effort in drawing it, but in future I would recommend you to use STOCK images in your artworks. There are lots of tattoo designs available as stock in the Internet.

And I totally dislike this attitude that unless an artwork is marked with a huge and ugly watermark, then anyone is free to do anything they wish with it. I understand it when little kids who are making their blogs and want to decorate them with pretty images and know nothing about copyrights are stealing my art but I wasn't expecting that from an artist (at least your gallery gives me impression it's not the first time you are holding a pencil).
MauriceHof's avatar
You are right, I took it off.
Will make another one.
Jessaa-Lee-Odinson's avatar
wow that's amazing! you are a brilliant tribal artist and i love the way you incorporated the wolf! 200 stars!!!
QuietFawn-SkyWolf's avatar
Hi there,

This is a good tribal for your first design!
I'm thinking of getting a wolf in a pose and style quite similar to this, would you mind if I used it, or used it to help my own design? I will credit you and post a pic of the final product on dA :)
TheBlueRoanFilly's avatar
ive been thinking about getting a tattoo, this is the best one ive seen, mind if i use it? =] ill take a pic and post it on dA if you want me to =]
AndreasAvester's avatar
Well, of course I don`t mind if you want that.
And it would be nice to see a photo of it done if you really decide to make this tattoo.
TheBlueRoanFilly's avatar
really? thanks! :hug:
im only 15, now, and im pretty sure where i am you gotta be 16 (with parent consent) to get a tattoo :| so it may be a few months before i accually do. :giggle:
AndreasAvester's avatar
May I ask what are your reasons why you want a tattoo?

And are you completely sure you really want that? I mean a tattoo is for life and you must be completely sure that you 1)really want to have a tattoo; 2)the design you have chosen really is the right one and you will still like it also after years.

Personally I don`t want any tattoos for myself, at least definitely not now (I'm 17 now), I simply like this style, so I draw in it. My opinion is that it's better to make tattoos only when you are mature enough for that, and most people aren't at that time when they are still teenagers. Although that don't goes for every one, because some remains immature and grow up really slowly, while some grows up mentally very early.
TheBlueRoanFilly's avatar
i have already thought that through, and talked with my parents. they said as long as i know its what i want and always will want.. which i admit i cant see the future :XD: but i think ill like this for a long time, i love wolves, always have, even as a baby ^_^
AndreasAvester's avatar
It's alike with me, I also love wolves for long, when I was little I never liked them being portrayed as evil in all those silly fairy tales about the poor little girls who had to suffer because of the evil wolf, although in reality it's vice versa - it's people who are killing wolves.
TheBlueRoanFilly's avatar
i know, its horrible. i used to hate the "big bad wolf" in little red riding hood, didnt make sence. i loved dogs, and even when i was little i knew they were related to wolves =] ive acually always had a strong connection with animals, i fit with them usually more than people.
AndreasAvester's avatar
Well, when dealing with animals chance that they won't betray or use you for selfish purpose is way higher than with people. :XD:

But at the same time, having a good friend may be way nicer than a faithful pet.
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Oh wow. This is really cool-looking tribal. :) It must be very difficult designing tribals.
AndreasAvester's avatar
Thanks! :)
It isn`t difficult, at least for me. :) I started this one as an ordinary wolf drawing line art the same way I would draw a line art for a color pencil drawing, after what I just filled it with some black furry shapes and that`s it. And finishing my sketch in CorelDraw was easy, much easier than drawing vector flowers with mesh fill in this program.
Tribal designs are easier than pencil drawings or digital images, because in them I have just 2 colors - black and white, and I don`t need to worry about anything like correct color choice so that colors would look well together or shading, what`s always really hard for me to make correctly.
And unless I make something wrong so that I have to redo everything, tribals are also fast to draw. :)
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